Inaban, unraveled lust! Kokoro Connect 6

You have to put your desire into words, or you’ll disappear. – Nyaruko-san

What if we unleash deep seated hidden desires? Inaban suddenly takes off her cloths and mounts on Inaba. That was awesome! Man, Inaban is a horny girl. She can join SlutWalk! Fuusen-kazura, a Lemon-senpai of Kokoro Connect, has fun with that experiemnt.

In 3D (reality), I really can’t tell when girls are getting aroused. I mean, they never say it! I’ve read a lot of materials about sexual signs or hints that girls give, since they don’t express their lust into words! Why don’t they just say it explicitly? It would be horribly easy! Even if they say something, it’s always double entendre, not clear! This isn’t even peekaboo or fort/da. It’s always fort! Obscurantism is the worst of all, evident in That Obscure Object of Desire!

She knows about Iori and Taichi, so she almost NTRed, but ended up him just grabbing her oppai. Oh yeah, her oppai is unexpectedly big, how did she manage to hide that all these years from us otakus who are hentai-shinshi (pervert-gentleman)? And she was wearing a black bra! She always dresses for the kill! Shoubu-shitagi (killer underwear)!

Man, this girl wants to have sex with you, and she’s been thinking about it every day. Yes, this is the girl who confessed that she has masturbated to you! She made you her okazu! Ahh, head explosion! Moreover, she accidentally admits that she’s a virgin. Ohhh My Gosh, otakus are shojochuu (virgin-maniacs), so that accidental confession made otakus go hysterically ecstatic!

But Iori doesn’t get angry when she learns that Inaban tried to have sex with Taichi. She is rather surprised with curiosity. She isn’t like, “What were you doing to my man!” But I’m more surprised by Iori’s private attire, hot pants. Nama-ashi (bare legs)! Considering her personality…

Yui, unable to suppress violent urge, gives a good karate kick to deliquent kids, which must’ve been heaven to otakus, since a lot of us are do-M begging, “Please kick me in the face!” The best way to get knocked out! If that was Misaka Mikoto from Railgun, we could’ve seen shorts instead of pantie. After bloomer was abolished from Japanese schools, girls wear shorts to prevent gentlemen from worshiping their panties, which is very disspointing. The worst is jersey (track suits) like Chihaya. What’s the point of wearing skirts then? Ah zannen, yes zannenkei bijin (dissappointing beauty).

Yes, we shouldn’t suppress our desire that much, we should live more freely. That’s what Inaban said, in order to avoid violent bursts, yes, just like John Ince says in The Politics Of Lust. Japan is sexually rigid. No skinship. Even shaking hands is big of a deal. I was never able to hug any girl in Japan… So yeah, if you see a pretty girl, ask her to give you a hug. Free hug is what Japan really needs. Otherwise, that pathological society will never be cured but produce even more otakus, that’s why I moved out of that country of repression. But sooner or later, I also found out America is also erotophobic.

Miscommunication leads to date rape.

If girls are more upfront about their sexuality like Inaban, date rape would be gone. Misconception is that love-making naturally emerges out of the mood and atmosphere instead of fully expressing desires with words, which leads to misunderstandings and miscommunications. So, if girls express their sexual wants explicitly, there won’t be any misunderstanding. “No is no, yes is yes, A is A,” like objectivists would say. “No” is not part of “yes.” But, this Puritanical society forces us to be ashamed to express sexual wants. So, we need to free that. Like Nyaruko-san says, “Put your desires into words. Uhh Nyahh!” As the arche is logos (words).


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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  1. But they didn’t get far enough! XD I wanted to see underwear for a show like this, at least! XD lol

  2. @Ray

    Hahaha! I was wondering what color of pantsu Inaban was wearing. So right on! Sex and violence, though I’m not a fan of violence generally, Yui beating up DQNs was pretty awesome!

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