Code Geass R2, Episode 5– filler dammit

Lelouch has some crazy eyesLelouch is lazyLeluch just shove C.C.

This episode is just filler.

All they do is hang out at the school and try to build a giant pizza. Well, a pizza will bring out C.C., so she shows up and comedy ensues. Nothing in the story is advanced or explained. One could probably watch the next episode and not be terribly confused. The closest they get to adding to the story is just some explanations and two more knights show up with Suzaku. It is nice to know there is nothing pressing in Area 11 that anyone needs to handle.

Not only is it filler but it is filler with a ton of fan service. Basically any of the young women who one may like end up in fan service positions. Kallen is almost naked in a costume. Shirley and Villeta are both in bathing suits. Even C.C. has some fan service moments.

The ending has a bombshell but it would be rude to tell you what it is.

Author: matt

4 thoughts on “Code Geass R2, Episode 5– filler dammit

  1. 90% filler, 10% things that aren’t filler is how I’d put it.

  2. Damn. They pulled this same trick during the first season, too. I was kinda looking forward to some progress, too.

  3. I don’t know why people complain about these episodes, I find them quite hilarious and entertaining. An anime with plot development every episode has a tendency to leave out the funny. so get used to it cause MORE WILL COME YAY!

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