Natsuyuki Rendezvous final moment! Odeko fetish.

Finally, the final episode ended with soooo heart warming plot twist. Ahhh, this anime was so lovely. The best josei anime I’ve ever seen. Well, I’ve seen Sakamichi No Apollon, another josei anime, which was wonderful too, all about jazz.

Yes, anime main characters are usually very young, the age range of characters are mostly high schoolers, or minors so to speak, but josei genre is probably girls past 20 years old. From college girls to career women, or housewives. Yes, grownup girls. Because in 3D, I’m also a grownup boy, well still infected with chuunibyou, 17 at heart, but still, I want to understand how grownup girls who used to be my classmates in Japan are doing, especially I didn’t become adult in Japan, so I really wonder how girls from my generation are doing. And Natsuyuki gives me a fairly good hint of that!

Yes, Rokka is already widowed. Ah, so that means a lot of my classmates would be married today, raising kids with their husbands. Or some of them might be career women. Or small business owners like Rokka! Or single moms. Or turned into lesbians, which is awesome for yuri otaku! So, yes, that’s why Natsuyuki had a special meaning to me, it’s like a kind of school reunion in 2D. I’m just an observer watching how my classmate girls are doing today. In turn, I’m not interested in my dude classmates; I don’t care if they’re dead or alive. They don’t interest me at all since I’m not gay, bad news for fujoshi.

But, what surprised me the most is Odeko Fechi (forehead fetish). This is a new fetishism in anime. Because Rokka has a cute rounded forehead, Hazuki finds it charming and falls in love with her. Yes, if Rokka’s husband didn’t die, she wouldn’t have had that boyish short hair that exposed her forehead. The forehead was a romantic catalyst! Oh yes, certainly, that forehead induces you to kiss. A kiss on the forehead. That is very powerful. Yes, that kiss is innocent, not erotic. So, it’s fairly more acceptable. Perfect for kissing a loli, like Lupin did in Cagliostro

Yes, this anime is more Buddhist, and since Japan once was a Buddhist nation in which I grew up, it was easier for me to get in. For jahpeta (cremation), ashes will be put in a vase or sprayed over the Ganges River, or Uluru like Sekachuu. But for Christians, jahpeta is a bad deal because it needs the body resurrection to be in heaven. Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake to make sure witches like her didn’t resurrect. So, it was the worst punishment ever in Christian countries. That’s why Christian funeral is burial. So, Shimao couldn’t go to heaven in a Christian sense, but he did anyway. So, it was all good.

And, ED was just awesome. The best of this season! Amazingly sentimental after having seen episodes. Ahhhh,


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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