War On Yurismas! Psycho-pass

Finished Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and the remaining of this year, we only have Xmas to go, but I want to celebrate Yurismas instead! The day of Yuri! Oh yes, Goddess of Yuri is clearly Virgin Mary, Marimite. Lolita, Lola, Dolores, Maria de los dolores. Yes, Lolita is Virgin. Also our Lady is the protector of L.A., since Los Angeles’ official name is “El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles.” So, L.A. is totally Marimite (Virgin Mary Is Watching Us), a lesbian town, thus L Word. Oh yes, this is definitely a Roman Catholic school. All girls school have traditionally been “mission-kei” or Christian schools, yes, especially Catholicism, and Jesus is less emphasized but Lady Madonna is more upfront. Yes, it’s all girls school! That cafeteria with stained-glass, the garden of virgins, otome, ohhhh, just purely platonic orgasm. Oh, these yuris are making my head explode with a sense of sublime. There is nothing more beautiful than girls acting on each other. The eternal literate beauty. So, Yuris + mas.

Yup, there is always an “onee-sama” figure in yuri anime. The head of the female students. In Marimite, bara-sama (Madame Rose). Strawberry Panic! And Oto-boku. Onee-sama that Kuroko admires in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.

Urobuchi’s psychopathic tactic to mami (dismember/deconstruct) moe.

However, Psycho-Pass decided to turn against yuri. This psycho girl, Ouryou Rikako, a daughter of a forgotten artist, the head of Yuri high school, quoting Kierkegaard next to a naked girl corpse she just mami-ed for her artwork, looks the event took place after sex (in otaku jargon, “mami” is a verb “to dismember” from Mami of Madoka Magica. It can be used for a traffic accident when a victim was shattered into pieces). “What makes human is despair because we hope.” This girl is a psychopath. Man, Urobuchi is trying to deconstruct yuri? This is war on Yurismas. Yes, I take this as Urobuchi’s declaration of war on Yuri. From the famous scene of maiming Mami, he employs mamiism, his way of deconstructionism. Yes, spread the despair around!  This is war on lesbians. He declared war on magical girls in Madoka Magica, and now lesbians?

That hair style is hime-katto (princess cut), but it’s not pattsun like Yuuko-san. Pattsun is a bang fully covering the forehead, but Rikako’s bang is too short, forehead is exposed, looks like a psycho. Murdering a twin-tail, that was deplorable because she was really cute. It’s a terrible waste that these cute girls were murdered. I wish I could save them. But this is Urobuchi’s world that we can’t break in and change it. 

I think lesbianism is the most beautiful thing on earth. Blessed are the yuri for they shall inherit the earth. Men are dirty. And I somehow understand why men can’t get laid by default. Dudes are ugly. Only a few ikemen, at the level of a host club, can be a player. I don’t understand BL. But men on BL are really good looking, but still… In turn, lesbian makes sense to me. Girls are just pretty. Whenever I shake hands of girls, softness is supreme. So how can they not go on each other? You can’t achieve that softness in men. Dudes are really stiff. Why do you want to touch that stiff ugly body?

But too bad this yuri arc was expendable. It went on for three episode, but the finale was like that? And now, Psycho-pass is going BL? Is Urobuchi going to make more enemies by provoking angers in fujoshidom while he’s already angered so many yuri fans? Is he following the path of Koizumi, a reform without sacred territories? Sacred genres of anime: yuri, BL, magical girls. This is rather psycho-ass than psycho-pass.

Hey, Makishima just has eyed on Kogami. “I’m very interested in him.” I smell the BL element in it. Yes, he’s like Kaworu from Eva. Yes, it stinks. Oh yeah, even Tsunemori was ogling his six pack. In fact, she is a closet hentai (lecher). So, I don’t find it strange that Kogami is sexually objectified by Makishima, of course, in a psychotic way.

Well, Xmas is near. As a kimo-ota, another Xmas to spend as a loner. I can’t be Tachibana from Amagami SS. So, I was planning to celebrate Yurismas instead. But now, after watching Psycho-ass, I don’t know. So probably I will spend Xmas dedicating my soul to Inaba Himeko from Kokoro Connect. Ahh, how I wish I had that kind of girl in my life. Himeko is the only girl in 2D said to me that she used me for her okazu (a fantasy for auto-sex). So, I’ve decided to write and dedicate my lyrics to her. That’s how I spend Xmas. Merry Xmas to me!

“I used you for my okazu.”

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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  1. @Foxy Lady

    Hahaha. Thanks a lot! Merry Xmas to you also!


    Thanks, lol. Happy Holidays!

  2. I’m sorry but what would the difference be if there was a straight girl killing a whole bunch of men? It’s the same principle just different genders.

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