Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, just kyawaii! @Club Nokia


Ahhh, so awesome! I went to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert at Club Nokia two day before Black Day, and it was just fantastic. The fashion she was wearing was so cute.

Yes, her electro-pop is Japan’s treasure, produced by the electro-master, Yasutaka Nakata. He is a succesor of Japan’s previous electro-masters, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Tetsuya Komuro. Among anime-otakus, Tetsuya Komuro is famous for writing an anime song for City Hunter, Get Wild.

So surprised that there was a long line waiting like Great Depression. I just arrived around 630pm, and there was already a long long line with many otakus, cosplayers, and apparently geeks. I was worried if this huge people would all fit in Club Nokia. Yes, next to the Staples center, the Lakers fans were asking us, “What is this line for?” We told them, “It’s just a concert.” Yup, the ESPN macho sports fans and the otakus met. Totally different groups of people were at the same place, which was really surreal. Oh, yes, some Lakers fans, jock-looking dudes were bringing really sexy looking girls, a typical American beauty, with huge boobs, curved body, and protruding junk in the trunk. Yes, dynamite sexiness. But this Kyary people, boys were bringing cute girls, they were more like kawaii, more fuwafuwa (fluffy) type of fashion, or lolita. Maid costumes. So, totally different aesthetics. I figure that sports dudes are more likely to go out with voluptuous sex-enticing chicks. Yes, the type of girls that makes you horny. But the Kyary nerds and geek boys, they were bringing cute-looking girls to the concert. Yes, very moe-inducing girls! Moekko! So it was totally the opposite. Maybe after the Lakers game, these jocks went straight to their cars and had action in the rear seat, while Kyary nerds would hang out at some tea station, or cafe inside some art museum. Or best, at maid cafe! Yes, we are well cultured, yes, sub-cultured indeed! And it was so surprising that how much the Japanese sub-culture has been prevailed in America! Deculture! Gorgeous, delicious, deculture!

Kimo-ota face

Yup, Kyary is a Harajuku fashion girl, very artsy, so it is Harajuku-kei actually, but the audience I was with were more like Akiba-kei. Oh yes, Akihabara-kei. In other words, otakus…And I’m a kimoi-otaku. Yes, kimo-ota. For normal people like Lakers fans (are jocks normal?), we probably look kimoi. But who cares! This is America, the land of free! And alas, I met up with otaku friends there. I knew they would be here!

Ah, Furisodation. Fashion Monster, Candy Candy. That was cute… And I think Kyary covered some songs from Capsule, the other band that Nakata is part of. I think that was Kisetsu Wa Paradise (RGB)? But I’m not sure. That arrangement was just awesome, oh yes, very Latin, Brazilian, yes, bossa nova, or Sergio Mendes feel to it! Yes, Wave! Yes, I felt saudade from this girl! I think every keyboard player has some influence from Sergio. It totally took me to the outer world, as if I forgot all my existence, completely gone from 3D, and carried away to 2D. Almost astral projection like. Oh yes, also this song somehow felt like School Rumble’s 1st ED. But thought to myself: what if this song was sang by Hocchan…, Kyary just turned 20, and Hocchan is already in her late 30s? But you know, her voice is forever 17. So, three years younger than Kyary vocally, so, if she sings this song, I would reach moergasm instantly. I want Hocchan to sing RGB!

Ninjari Bang Bang is also felt like Doobie Brothers, especially Michael MacDonald, when playing interlude, What A Fool Believes. So many music influence Nakata got, and it’s all condensed into Kyary’s worldview!

Pon Pon Pon was so cute, too cute that I screamed too much and lost my voice. And the audience were dancing really hard and crazy, and I also danced too, and my legs got tired after that, I sweated so much, got dehydrated.los

After the concert, I went to a Japanese noodle shop with otaku fellows, and OMG, I drank Asahi, and wow! That was the best Asahi I got in my whole life. Yes, moe beer. The aftersound of Kyary in my head, and drinking Asahi, wooo, that felt so deculture! Yeah, when you got really exhausted from having an euphoric experience and then drinking beer, that is just awesome. It felt like oasis. So good! One of the best days in my otaku life!


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  1. Probably around 10:30? It was really awesome. Music and her artsy fashion, totally in sync. I can call it Kyarism.

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