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Introducing the Fiction Kitchen: Anime Diet’s Creative Writing Sideblog

A number of us at Anime Diet are also creative writers of some sort. I’ve been doing it all my life, practically, and the recent National Novel Writing Month has rekindled my love of telling fantasy stories.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to unveil a semi-official side blog: The Fiction Kitchen, at http://fiction.animediet.net!

Screen shot 2009-11-21 at 11.32.21 PM.png

The Fiction Kitchen will eventually contain the writings of several Anime Diet staff. For now, however, it’s me and my Nanowrimo novel, The Sanctuary, which was partly inspired by various anime comedies like Zero no Tsukaima. (See a fuller introduction here.) It may even have illustrations one day. Since it’s a Nanowrimo novel, I make no guarantees of quality, consistency, or other hallmarks of polished writing–but I do intend on revising it thoroughly after the draft is done and possibly even getting light-novel style illustrations for it!

And don’t worry–I have a week’s worth of installments already scheduled, which will be posted once a day. I’m working steadily toward the end of the book this week as well.

So if you ever wanted to see some original work from us, here’s your chance. Visit us, and feel free to leave constructive feedback too! It’ll help in the revision process.

Man, he must think he’s hot…But I wonder if the #$%# on yaoi doujinshi would bother him?

From ANN

DMP Employee Volunteered for Yaoi-Con Bishōnen Auction

Digital Manga Publishing has announced that one of its male employees volunteered… the annual Bishōnen Auction during the Yaoi-Con 2007 convention near San Francisco, California on October 27…bidders win the (consensual) company of bishōnen for the evening…

Ray’s take: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! Somebody’s going to be in for the “buck futting (no, that’s not a place in Denmark)” of his life…In a doujinshi, that is! Consensual? In yaoi? Yeah right. And it’s going to be in San Francisco, too. Oh dear. I sincerely fear for this poor man’s life…

“Yes, yes, that’s how they do it in…Prison! What’s the matter with you!” Ross scolding Joey for not knowing the tailor was sexually harassing him.

Do you want to be the member of Genshiken?

From Anime Corporation News

Genshiken Doujin Convention Website

…The official website for the Genshiken Doujin Convention has opened. The Genshiken event commences on May 5th, 2008 at the Tokyo Industry Trade Center…

Ray’s take:  Well, this news really doesn’t have anything to do with Genshiken, but if you want to see Madarame doing ecchi with Kaskabe Saki, or Ono Kanako riding Tanaka until kingdom come, this is the place to be. For Ogiue (tsundere) fans, there probabaly will be plenty of Ogiue sexual displays there. If you love these and you do go, prepare to blow your wad…of cash there!

Genshiken s2 ep1 – A dramatic chapter to begin the burning passion of youth once again…


Yeah, right.

But at last, the first episode of the second season came out and I just watched it, twice.

It’s always nice to immerse myself in the Otaku Utopia, with just enough drama, kicks, little bit of danger, and people are just having enough passion and energy doing what they like to do the best. Ah! I wish I went to a Genshiken back in my university days.

In any case, the episode begin a little bit different from the manga. In the manga, when Sasahara becomes the club president, he sorta make a speech and everyone laughs and says: “You sound like Madarame!” To which Madarame interjects: “Shut up!” Then Sasahara announce that he wanted to participate in Comifes (it’s the fictional version of Comiket), and everyone become silent.

Continue reading Genshiken s2 ep1 – A dramatic chapter to begin the burning passion of youth once again…

Yaoi doujin artist arrested.

From The Diet 3 Daily

Sept 26, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. Earlier today, the local police arrested Minami Takayama, a 35-year old unmarried women who’s been drawing yaoi vampire doujinshi for 15 years.

The police chief reported that the local branch of the “Shin Mobile Morality Squad” has been secretly tracking this woman’s underground sales of her work to girls and women ranging from 14 to 45; from middle school girls to middle-aged housewives.

“She has been secretly selling indecent materials of sexual activities depicting men on men, men on boys, boys on boys, men to boys, and boys to men,” said Chief Watanabe. “Her work would’ve been acceptable if she were selling them in certain conventions in Tokyo, but she insisted on breaking the rules and the social stigma and selling outside these conventions.

“We think her abnormal behavior has something to do with her 2-year study abroad in America.” Chief Watanabe added.

“Freedom of speech is good, but too much of it can be really bad.” Commented Ms. Yoshida, a local housewife. “Thank my ancestors I refused to deal with her when she came to my house asking me to buy a copy of a ‘new and innovative read’ for housewives. I just said no.

“And I would like to encourage all bored housewives to watch drama, date younger men online, and play with boys from your local middle and high schools. Trust me, it makes the life more interesting that way.”

Police found 10000+ copies of yaoi doujinshi work from at Takayama’s home. It’s reported that her room is full of posters showing male characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kujibiki Unbalance, Prince of Tennis, and others.

She faces 5 years in prison with a stiff 450000 yen fine.

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