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Yui Horie wants Claymore Season 2?

A certain “Yui Horie 堀江 由衣signed “her” name for the Claymore Season 2 petition:

Fun stuff. Please sign the petitionInstruction is here.

Claymore manga and merchandise at Toylet, Claymore DVDs at Just Manga, At Amazon (with reviews), Collectables and Character Songs CD at CDJapan

Here‘s the signature from “Kaori Mizuhashi 水橋かおり/水橋香里” – Ogiue Chika from Genshiken manga and Genshiken Season 2 below.

I wish they’d use better nicknames. But anyway, we’re over the 10,000 mark. Let’s make 15,000 so they will know we are really serious!

Genshiken s2 ep5 – the jacking off fantasy for…


YAOI FANGIRLS! OF COURSE (refraining himself from puking and choking on his vomit laughing at the same time)!

Well, you know these guys in Genshiken aren’t exactly doctors of love, but in the mind of a hyper imaginative female Otaku they sure know how to do each other in the asses. XD

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Genshiken s2 ep4 – you have to ask yourself…


…That even if you were Otaku, would you not jump on Ono after all these time she spent in your house taking off her clothes?

perhaps what happened in this episode is the the reality for Otaku, but even I had to step back and think about how far fetched it is.

I’ve gotten tired of the OP even though I still get some chuckles. The charm of the fake OP for the first season is that it was played only once, and then the regular OP, but yeah, the OP really isn’t supposed to do much after the 1st episode for most shows, anyway. A really funny OP becomes nothing after being played for the third time.

We’re getting some development of the side characters and for manga fans, this is a nice treat as we get to see how Ono and Tanaka finally get together.  Also we get to learn a little more about Ono’s cosplay preference and other.

But yeah, I guess Tanaka is…yasashi? He actually turns on the TV when Ono’s changing so he can’t hear her changing.

Sheesh, when does being nice to women ever worked in real life???????

Also, female Otaku often desires good looking guys and would stay away from dating a male Otaku. Just ask these women, they’ll tell ya.

What’s going on between Ono and Tanaka is rather easy to tell for others, and I think in some sense they know it, but they simply can’t do much before.

In real life, however, just because two people work together on one project don’t mean they’ll get together.

But Kujiki’s role certainly lifted up to the highest degree of funnies. The sequence where he shamelessly asks if Tanaka and Ono are doing it, and then gets knocked out afterwards is just anime comedic gold.

I think this episode is Genshiken finding back it Otaku humor roots, all thanks to the extremely shameless and awkward Kujiki.

BTW,  guys, unless you’re really good-looking, attractive, or the like, women never takes the charge. That’s just a fact of life.

93% recommended for your daily anime diet.

Mike’s Fall 2007 Remainder Roundup

Between the three bloggers on this site, it looks like we’ve covered pretty much every major show except Shana 2 (none of us have seen season 1). This is my opinion on shows we’ve already covered: Blue Drop, Dragonaut, ef-a tale of memories, Gundam 00, Genshiken 2, and Mokke. You can read Ray’s articles in the links provided.

There’s a fine line between hate and yuri.

Blue Drop 1 (Ray’s Review of 1 and 2)

Now that’s more like it. If there was ever a show that was calculated to make me swallow yuri, it would be this one. :) It’s the only show this whole season that to me as any degree of genuine aesthetic beauty–beautiful music, beautiful imagery, emotional nuance (with one slight misstep in an unnecessary slapstick scene near the end in the cafeteria). It is slow, though, slow on the edge of boring, but given my tastes for European art film, I didn’t find it unbearable in the least. Mari is already an interesting character, though Senkouji, the alien girl, is still a rather blank personality so far (despite her sudden KILL ALL HUMANS activation program or something). The flowers were also a bit much, I think, a bit too shoujo-y for even my taste, and certainly all the hint we need that sometime soon there will be wink-wink-nudge-nudge-saynomore going on. Lovers always start by fighting. But I found the birds around Senkouji in the start to be rather beautiful. Gonzo did a good job animating that scene.

I am keeping a close eye on this one. I need some seriousness in my diet too, you know.

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Genshiken s2 ep1 – A dramatic chapter to begin the burning passion of youth once again…


Yeah, right.

But at last, the first episode of the second season came out and I just watched it, twice.

It’s always nice to immerse myself in the Otaku Utopia, with just enough drama, kicks, little bit of danger, and people are just having enough passion and energy doing what they like to do the best. Ah! I wish I went to a Genshiken back in my university days.

In any case, the episode begin a little bit different from the manga. In the manga, when Sasahara becomes the club president, he sorta make a speech and everyone laughs and says: “You sound like Madarame!” To which Madarame interjects: “Shut up!” Then Sasahara announce that he wanted to participate in Comifes (it’s the fictional version of Comiket), and everyone become silent.

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