Ladies VS Butler 1 – Evil Childhood Friend, at your service!

Whoa…I think I’m a little disoriented!

Seeing the title and then watching all the stereotypical fan service elements, including the inevitable fall, the breast grabbing, the panties (yes!!!!!), I thought I was back in old fashioned Otaku heaven!

And I was! As shitty as it is being by myself spending the last remaining hours of 2009 and on the verge of turning 33, I honestly enjoyed the fast-paced and yet taming episode! After all, you’re at a school full of daughters of high class that faint easily, not to mention are defenseless against normal, horny and ronery guys, and then you have the evil Tomomi, played by Kawasumi Ayako playing the evil Ono Kanoko and the foxy girl in Kanokon, and you have a great comedy waiting to please your appetite for some ecchi and some inevitable situation!

Hey, life is good, or at least, you must brainwash yourself into thinking that way to avoid feeling like shit at any moment. And for our hero, life is good, although he’s treated like a pervert right on episode one.

So, if you haven’t watched one, sit back and enjoy. Will I watch 2? Who knows!

Oh and don’t forge the strippin’ Goto Yuko character!

RP’s Impression.

Oishii Anime’s Impression.

Anime3000’s Thought

5 thoughts on “Ladies VS Butler 1 – Evil Childhood Friend, at your service!

  1. I saw the episode. Filled to the brim with blatant fan service goodness. Will have to see if an actual *plot* appears soon, though… ^^

    1. @ Mike C – well, plot or no plot, all the pantsu is whetting my appetite. Good ol’ fashioned anime ecchi is always welcome in my plate. Wait for Seikon no Qwaser, that’s going to be intense fan service!

  2. Seikon no Qwaser I can’t wait for! I personally would like some plot in LvsB but who knows. I will watch episode 2 XD

  3. @ chii – well, plots be damned. XD As long as the shows deliver the goods I don’t really care! I’ve been reading the manga for Seikon no Qwaser and I wonder if the TV series is going to deliver everything head on like in the manga. I suspect censoring for DVD sale purposes. 😛

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