Tari Tari final episode, Occupy Shirohamazaka!

Save Shiro-sai (white rhino)!

Yes, the Ganba Rangers saved Shiro-sai (Shirohamazaka school fest), not an endangered white rhino. They are the true revolutionary heroes!

Capitalism runs Shirohamazaka High School. If it’s not making profit, then it’ll close down. Or probably balance sheet was good, but the chairman got a new business idea that’s more profitable, so he decided to close down the school and replace it with more profitable business. There’s nothing you can do in capitalist society, he can do anything he wants because the school belongs to him. A private school doesn’t belong to the public but the business owner since it’s a business entity. So, teachers and students are all let go on his whim.

And the chairman decided to cancel Shiro-sai too. But I just don’t see why. Even if the school will be closed, why not do the school fest at least? It was unreasonable. So, the students revolted to protect Shiro-sai, they organized Occupy Shirohamazaka! And through this struggle, the traditional choir club and the new chorus/badminton club finally reconciled and made a peaceful assembly. Yes, Don’t Tread On Me, a divided serpent finally got together and fought.

I was so annoyed by the chairman’s tyranny, yes, corporation is totally dictatorship, you do what the employer tells you to do. To live in capitalist world (3D), you need to be a Yes-man, sucking up to your boss. Yes, even the principal was just an employee, you work for profit, not for students and community, the sad part of private schools, but he refused to kiss ass by ordering that school’s gate remain open, so he got fired on the spot. But I love the spirit of the principal, he protested against his boss by pulling down his pants!

That’s right. That’s how you revolt against greedy capitalists, you just need to pull down their pants! More effective than throwing pies at capitalists like Bill GatesAnd, the vice-principal came in and told termination wouldn’t be effective until the document was signed officially, so they broke into school, and held a guerrilla live. And the joint club session, oh, that choir was so awesome! Radiant Melody! Yes, music is the ultimate free speech! 

Yes, it was truly 99% vs 1%. And students vs chairman. The students’ revolt was really awesome. I haven’t seen anything like this as the 60s. Yes, Sakamichi No Apollon time period and also Hyoka‘s Chitanda’s uncle’s time. They are all revolutionaries. And the spirit of revolt, Liberty or Death, that led America break away from the British Empire, that beautiful awesome spirit was present in these young high school kids too. Sartre’s Engagement. Yes, like Flower Revolution, May Revolution, that whole student uprising! To protect their memory of alma mater!

In turn, I don’t care if my high school is gone, I don’t have any regret since the school totally rejected me, I failed to date any girl during my high school days. I don’t have any memory to protect. That’s why I came to America. That was the time when high school girls really got capitalistically greedy, some of them engaging in Enjo-kōsai to buy expensive Italian and French bags. It was mind-boggling. That Japanese proverb turns out to be true, “Catnip to cats, money to whores.” The love for money is the root of all evil.

Yabusame, one of the 48 techniques.

Ah, I totally miss Sawa, since she’s gone abroad to study at an equestrian school to be a jocky, I guess America, to pursue her dream, yes the pursuit of happiness! Galloping with juggling oppai, that image associated with, ah…, woman on top, horse-riding position (kijōi 騎乗位), and she does Japanese mounted archery called “Yabusame (流鏑馬),” and yabusame is also the name for one of the Japanese 48 sexual positions (yonjū-hatte 四十八手), from which allegedly “AKB48” came from. So that anime itself looks very innocent, but bouncing oppai with horse-riding, a crime of conscience, inexcusable! But of course, that’s why I also love Sawa the most, since I’m an oppai-seijin (おっぱい星人 Oppai planetarian).

And I speculate Tanaka probably confessed his love to Sawa just before she went aboard the airplane. That scene, that silent dialogue between Tanaka and Sawa, ah, reminds me of the last scene of Lost In Translations where Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanson talk inaudibly. The same aesthetic achievement!

So despite different motives, Sawa and I have in common, we came to an English speaking country, probably America, since the English she was studying was American (probably Canadian?). So, yes, Dreams From My Mother, that’s Wakana’s story, and a loser Konatsu finally became the winner. Each one got each dream and parted. How I wish I had these female friends before I came to America! And that wish has been conceptualized in Tari Tari. Therefore, Tari Tari totally ruled!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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