Freezing 1 makes me freeze with excitement

All right, I’m stone cold sober in order to save money, therefore, I can now write clearly again since my brain now functions! So, let’s freezing!

Ar har har har har…No seriously, the first time I saw the manga’s cover (that’s right, I started reading the manga and buying every volume a couple of years back), I wondered why they had such a generic and pointless name.

Let me back the truck up a little bit. (WARNING: AFTER CUTWAY THERE WILL BE A NSFW PICTURE)

I heard about Black God from people. My favorite bookstore actually had a display advertising it. Now, that was supposed to be a good manga series as well as anime series. It is create by a duo of Koreans and it was receiving rave reviews. I figured I wanted to give it try…

But you know, I’m a weird person and I want to get on something from the beginning, when it wasn’t discovered by others. Once it’s popular, then I tend to criticize it. So I figured, I want to try something else by them. Anyway, I decided to pick up volumes 1 and 2 of Freezing.

I was hooked. No, really. I was hooked.

Big breasted women fighting with blood, some gory wounds and excitement? I mean BIG TITTIES and SERVICES? OH YEAH! It got everything I wanted and oh yes, some decent plots, too. Adding some soap elements and drama and it earned my pistol salutes often…

Yeah. Watching the first episode on TV, I realized that the animated series’ creators decided to kick it up a notches or two. Or TEN. The level of violence and the gore in color gets a little bit too intense sometimes, and makes some battles in Queen’s Blade look like girl’s play. The fanservice continues the manga’s way, but we don’t get to see nipples much and when we do, the pretty lady that owns these babies often needs her limb back.

Oh man. Hearing these women screaming in pain and agony in the emergency ward, watching them losing arms and legs or getting sliced apart during battle made me cringe. Yep, it is INTENSE. The manga pales in comparison because it’s in black and white.

Now for the people who read the manga, the beginning of the series is different. It throws in action scenes interweaven with a quick introduction of the main plot of the series. I think the action totally grabs me from the get go. Of course, like your standard B movies with female warriors or average slasher thrillers, the heroine starts off changing clothes.

At least the clear attempt to save the complete fan service for Blu-ray is cleverly funny and doesn’t make the show confusing and unwatchable. It’s more like…oh…oh…You WISH! Oh…oh…we’re gonna see it, we’re gonna see it….OH! What a pan away! XD At least it’s funny. But our heroine kicks so much ass that it’s not. The only gripe I have is that….Ma-chan (Noto Mamiko) as Satellizer, our main heroine. The casting director clearly went for her moe voice. I mean yes, she acted in Witchblade, Mnemosyne (OH YES) and other action shows where she grunted and acted tough, but as the Untouchable Queen?

Yeah, the moe voice part as well as the speech at the begining is fine. Other than that? I don’t think so. Then again, during battles, all you need is some sort of utterings and you’re all set. No real voice acting skills necessary.

All right. The animated series give me what I want and balance everything well. I think it’s a yes from me. So yes,

LET’S FREEZING!!!!!!!! har har har har…

(OH YES, Hanazawa Kana VS Noto Mamiko. OH HELL YES)

Author: Ray

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  1. Holy moly, I really need to check this out – your recommendations have never let me down yet!!!

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