Fractale Episode 5: “2-D or not 2-D”

To be or not to be, that is the question. – Hamlet


After Clain and Phryne were abducted, the terrorist airship started having a problem in the air because Nessa (a dopple of Phryne’s little sister) was hiding somewhere in the ship, and that caused the system to malfunction. The reason why she disappeared was because she was mad at Clain for caring about Phryne more than her. Her melancholy created a problem in a way like Haruhi did. And then, the airship was lost in the thunderstorm. It was urgent to find Nessa to save the ship from crashing.

So, Clain suggested them to dance, because Nessa loved dancing. So, they started dancing.

And after a while, Nessa finally appeared and became cheerful again.

Il y a Nessa!

And eventually Nessa went to look for Phryne, and found her. And the airship was stabilized.

At first Phryne didn’t join the dinner table. And she was thinking of escape, but she was found by Nessa (a doppel), and decided to stay in the airship, and started socializing. So, in that sense, Phryne was also “hiding.”

Somehow, this episode reminds me of the Iwato-gakure legend from Japan. Amaterasu, the supreme Sun Goddess, hid behind the rock because her little brother played prank at her workshop. Then, the world went dark, and the gods panicked. So, Uzume volunteered to strip-dance, causing laughter among the gods. Then, curious Amaterasu peeked out and came out again, and the light went back to the world.

So, basically the theme of this episode was Hide-and-seek. Nessa was it, playing fort/da, Inai-inai-bā (it isn’t here, isn’t here, here it is!). And the word “it” is “oni (goblin)” in Japanese. “Il y a” in French. And oni must touch a chasee in order to quit being oni. Yes, touching, skinship indeed.

Peekaboo is usually played with infants. But peekaboo is also played by grownup girls, especially nubile girls! It’s been recorded that if a girl sees her potential mate at a restaurant, she hides her face behind a menu book, and peeks at him, and giggles. Girls during the Victorian period used a hand-held fan to do that. Yes, fort/da is a foreplay to skinship. Just like St. Peter got the Keys of Heaven, peekaboo is a Key To Skinship.

Geekaboo vs Meekaboo

How awesome is peekaboo… So I’ve been hiding behind my DS, yet has anybody sought me? Bother to even dance and flirt? So, I’m always fort, left in the dark. So, I play fort/da by myself since there’s no da, no light in 3-D. Who’d say “Da!” like Antonio Inoki? So, I want Nessa to exclaim, “1, 2, 3, da! Il y a LaMoe!” Or should I go to a maid-café and request “1, 2, 3, da!“?

The eyes of contempt, I want to hide away from. We’ve had enough of Search and Destroy instead of Hide-and-seek. Cops and soldiers wear a helmet and shades to remain faceless, like that Goya’s painting. Just like dullahan, Celty from Durarara! But the eyes of appraisal, I want to get exposed to. That will surely make me narcissist, instead of being a self-loathing meek.

Recent success of the geek, evident in the movie The Social Network, now they’re getting loads of peekaboo from 3-D chicks. The geek have betrayed us. Et tu, Brute? While we otaku/hikikomori/NEET never get that. Screw geekaboo. What we need is meekaboo. Blessed are the meek! For we will find 2-D girls! Thus,

2-D or not 2-D, that is the question.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

3 thoughts on “Fractale Episode 5: “2-D or not 2-D”

  1. I dont know… i root for some sort of success with the geeks, because eventually it will transfer to us Otaku/Hikkikomori/NEET as well, i watch the big bang Theory, and i believe this show does a good effort to make us look cool too, desireble, and touchables, etc…., well at least if you thought a little bit about it. The success with the social network is not for the geeks in the movie that are smart, it is because all the bad blood between the founders, is windows thing happening all over again. thats the reason why is so popular, because we( as society) love betrayals and mostly when these betrayals involves big amounts of money. 8D

    By the way the collection of shirts from sheldon are very desirable, at least to me, specially the old ones.

    1. @ManuOtaku

      Thank you very much for the comment. That’s awesome about the Sheldon shirts. I totally admire that.

      I haven’t watched Big Bang Theory. I don’t know if this show will trickle down to otaku/hikikomori/NEET. Oh, yes, I should have pointed out Densha Otoko too.

      Densha-otoko was more of a geek than an otaku. The geek used to be the gravedigger, but now they have made girls turn into their own gold-diggers, and at the same time they’ve been creating its own gravedigger, which is the meek, who will inevitably replace the ruling world of the geek. Yes, exactly, like you pointed out, “Windows thing,” Bill Gates, the richest geek on earth. Geek = marketable, profitable, equitable, in short, Geek = $. Geeky used to be freaky, but now geeky becomes sexy to girls, so why not meeky become sexy also? Our mission is to enlighten the public, especially nubile girls, that “meek is beautiful” just like “black is beautiful.”

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