Code Geass R2, Episode 7—Drugs Is Not Hugs

drugs are hugs for Lelouch

The descent into madness.

Lelouch shows what happens when your motivations are founded on a shallow foundation. He has to come face to face with cognitive dissonance: he wanted to create a world for Nunnally, but Nunnally had her own ideas. He has sunk below where he was when he was just a bored student. Instead of taking risks with adults, he tries to relive the good times with Refrain. He also uses his geass for the enjoyment of bullying other people. Lelouch has no moral code that keeps him from being completely selfish except the ideal that Nunnally sets before him. Lelouch’s new motive is not much stronger than his one based on Nunnally. He is enemies with two of his old friends and Rolo is going to be a problem. Lelouch’s intelligence is not going to keep him from flipping out again. He knows has to maneuver within his motivations for his sister and friends, which will make it hard for him to solve anything.

Lelouch is starting a new street gym

His advances on Kallen shows something interesting. He was interested in creating a safe world for his sister. But when he no longer had the comfort of his sister, he reached for physical comfort from Kallen. Lelouch knew that Shirley liked him and one would assume that he would have gotten physical affection from C.C. if he pushed for it. But instead, he looks to Kallen. Perhaps it is because she is the one person who knows who he is, and does not have a contract with like C.C. It will be interesting to see how their relationship will proceed. If they act like they always have, then the writers are missing an important relationship to explore.

Lelouch has some ghost friends

Despite there not being as much action in this episode, it is important for the story. The parameters for Lelouch’s actions are being set. He cannot hurt Nunnally, but he is not going to sacrifice the Black Knights. He will not abandon his goals against the emperor, but he is also going to have to work for the Britannians at his school. The stage is being set for an interesting story.

The ocean farting is also awesome.

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4 thoughts on “Code Geass R2, Episode 7—Drugs Is Not Hugs

  1. i was surprised at this twist that they showed us in these past two episodes. i was only watching the second seaosn for closure cause i was disapointed with the first season. But looks like Sunrise is trying to redeem themselves and give us a very interesting plot line. What i love is how it truly shows lelouch in the episode to be, he’s bored and misguided and now that nunnaly has gone off on her own what more is there left do do but what he does at the end of this episode. and i agree as well i hope they explore between the relationship between Kallen and Lelouch

  2. It will Like Lelouch will play as true hero just because he release that the peaceful world is there in his memories and his hearts. This is an in

  3. So i guess he will play as a true hero in this series. Looks like he will fight for his friends and their wishes. To be with everyone with their old friends.

  4. Drugs huh? Lol, this episode made me laugh. I just didn’t think he’d go so far as to use drugs. God, this is great. Loved it. Gave me a good laugh.

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