Aoi Hana 08 – If she were a man I’d kick the crap outta her

I have never met someone as awful as Sugimoto Yasuko. She (yes she, because she’s a fake lesbo) just can’t get over her own love loss and so she goes out and flirt with anyone and practically everyone, and when she can’t handle true love and sincere feelings she just apologizes or threatens to hit the girl who confesses. Goddamn, this character’s got the son-of-bitch likeness but is actually not a number 1 (that’s the one with the dick), but really just a number zero inside??? Reverse trick.

Face it, dude. Your sister is mature and cooler than you. Even with your hair cut short you still can’t match her superior womanly charm.

But the fact is that, all Sugimoto says is: “I’m sorry, I’m such a mess emotionally right now; I can’t be your lover.” Yeah, easy, isn’t it?

As for the poor Horie Yui character, Izumi, I’m betting that Sugimoto flirted with her first and when Izumi fell, she just went: “hey, I’m a number 1 and so are you, it ain’t gonna work out, so piss off before I clobber you like a man.”

In real life, I do envy guys who can pull that stunt off and I’ve long lost sympathy for women whom fall for it regularly; you play, you reap, you sow, and so you deserve it. That’s life. But there’s always stabby stab; it just needs to come often enough to make a player think twice.

Finally! Aachan and Fumi chan are spending more time together. Soon, they will be in the lover’s zone. Somebody said it once: “Its even better if your woman is your best friend.”

The animation is uncomplicated and lovely. It’s such a good relaxation anime!

Author: Ray

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