Dreams From My Grandmother (Yumeiro Patissiere)

Final episode of Yumeiro Patissiere!

Finally, I’ve begun to move on and catch up with anime since the shock of Nakata Sae departure. And during the recovering process, I watched the Yumeiro Patissiere final episode.

Ichigo-chan at Versailles Palace.

Anyway, Versailles… The symbol of the Bourbon dynasty of France. The Versailles Palace, where the 2nd Reich was declared, and the Treaty of Versailles was signed. A very historical place. That’s where the World Cup of Patissier was held.

The final episodes went pretty rough. Henri-sensei reminded me of the archetypal Spartan coach of Aim For The Top, or Aim For The Ace. I don’t know why these girls fall in love with the tough coach. Oh, maybe because the tough coach is extremely ikemen (good-looking)! Yes, that’s it! So I think to myself, “F@ck ikemen…

Henri-sensei holds Francoise tight.

He was pretty rough on Mari-hime (CV: Kitamura Eri), the alpha student at St. Marie School Of Japan. Obviously Mari-hime had a crush on Henri-sensei. But he intentionally flirted with Francoise, the alpha student at St. Marie School Of Paris, in front of Mari-hime. What a shocking moment! A very shojo moment! Then, Mari-hime was so heart-broken that she couldn’t concentrate during the semi-final match against Team Francoise. Consequently, Team Mari-hime lost.

Ah, Mari-hime! I can't take it looking at the girl being heart-broken. I gonna comfort you right away!

After the lost game, she was depressed, yet Henri-sensei didn’t give any kind word but reprimanded her with harsh words, “If you want to be the No. 1, abandon romantic feelings!” Man, that line is only reserved for super-ikemen. And of course with Kaname Kuran‘s voice! Not hetare like me. If I say that, I would face derision from girls. Ah, just once in my life, I wish to say that line…Reality is harsh…

Henri-sensei is harsh on bishojo. Ikemen's privilege. F@ck Ikemen!

The Final

Then, the final became Team Francoise vs Team Ichigo. Ah Team Francoise…how overly sexually provocative, especially the leader, Francoise! The Yumeiro cleavage! Excuse my language… Was that also one of her strategies? Like Monica Adenauer from Yakitate!! Japan?

Yumeiro Cleavage!

Yeah, Team Ichigo had only one girl, the rest were Sweets Princes. But, these boys were tough, as if they mastered goshin (self-defense against sexual attraction) like Otaku fundamentalists in Akiba, so they didn’t get distracted at all. So, they managed to score exactly the same points, so they went rematch against Team Francoise. And both teams tied again, so one representative of each team would face off. Of course, it was between Ichigo and Francoise like the ultimate match of the Iron Chef.

Iron Patissiere

And finally, the miracle happened. With a little help from a memory of her deceased grandma, Ichigo created her masterpiece, Sourire De l’Ange (smile of the angel).

Sourire De l'Ange
Judges ascended to heaven with Angel's Smile.

Ichigo finally overcame the obstacle. She beat Francoise by only one point. Now Teach Ichigo from Japan became the top of the world. And then, the judges reaction to Ichigo’s sweets was as hilarious as Kuroyanagi from Yakitate!! Japan.

Therefore, Yumeiro Patissiere was Dreams From My Grandma in the essence. Ichigo’s grandma was a patissiere. And Ichigo wanted to be like her grandma. I hear a lot of girls admire their grandmas rather than their mothers. Or a grandma telling the story of her ex-boyfriend to her granddaughter like that movie, Edward Scissorhands. It was very moving! Happy ending!

The only thing that annoyed me about this show was the message that if you want to achieve something, you have to give up sexuality. Henri-sensei scolding girls to abandon romance, and boys never seem to notice Team Francoise’s carnal display. Very puritanical… Don’t they ever learn that would bring destruction like the consequence of Alberich giving up love? But other than that, really great show!!! Masterpiece!

A girl’s either trying to live up to her grandma’s expectations or make up for her grandma’s mistakes. -an Ichigo Amano admirer

Omedeto, Ichigo-chan.

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  1. Heh, MLM-san, amusing as always. Will you be watching the sequel too? 🙂 It doesn’t really feel like YP ended with this ep, to be honest. Especially since they previewed the sequel as well..XD

    1. Hey jenn! Long time not hearing from you. How have you been? Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I’ll be watching the sequel. You too, right? Looking forward to the high school YP!

  2. Oops, forgot to reply. Yup, I hardly blog-surf nowadays so it’s random when I click on Twitter links. =)

    Yup, I’m still watching! American dude is amusing. XD It’s quite different from the first season’s school format, though. The theme park thing sounds interesting.

    1. Right on! Hahah, American dude, every girl he meets, he lifts them up.

      Yes, I agree. The theme park is interesting, business world they have to survive. No wonder it’s called “YP Professional.”

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