I.O.N – Nothing scientific here!

Another of Arina Tanemura’s works. This is actually for her first full length manga of short stories. So the art is not as pretty as her later manga release such as The Gentleman’s Alliance Cross, Full Moon or Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, but you still see the style of Tanemura, and probably similar works from that time. Any creator/artists always has to have a beginning somewhere, so if you want to even see what Tanemura’s initial artwork looked like, then voila!

I.O.N is about a girl who is pursuit by one boy, and falls for another boy, based on his ambition. Throw in some telekinesis power as well. Since this is a very simple shoujo series.. there is some reasons for picking up this book.

  • Fan of Tanemura’s works! So reading any title of her is a must.
  • Message of this story is quite uplifting. To definitely believe in one’s self.. and I thought it was quite neat as Ion often chants her name – I-O-N and something happens. Though the plot is slightly far fetched.. when Ion teaches Mikado to say Mi-Ka-Do.. that is quite optimistic.
  • With this one shot, I thought that there should be more mention of Ion’s mothers. The one shot spoke too little of Ion’s mother, so it is with a new hope that the new chapter probably has more mention of her. Perhaps this is a fate of something new.
  • Tanemura is going to be re-visting this series. ANN announced that she wrote a new chapter for I.O.N. So isn’t that cause for needing to go back and read this title then?
  • Read-alikes for this series… magical girl meets romance titles. You can probably pick and choose what to read. Want title suggestions?

Author: Linda

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