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Michael’s 2007 Diet Awards, Part 2: The Losers

So…what shows and movies deserve a place in the hall of shame rather than the hall of fame? Since I tend to give up on shows I dislike very quickly, it’s shorter than the winners’ list. But we’ve still got plenty to populate this, the first annual Diet Demerits!

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Dragonaut 4– To the MOON!!!!

 killing him will solve your problemdrinking won’t make me hate you less.I just like seeing people punched

Dragonaut 4 is not full of clichés like last time which is good.   There were still some frustrating things in it but a well done episode overall.    There is more story telling in this episode which is a positive but then again the weak supporting characters and clichés could still end up making this series worse.

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Dragonaut 3–cliches WHOAAA

Missiles" class="imageframe imgalignleft" height="112" width="200" />ugh drawn out transformationsissy gets punched by a naked man

A different take on something already reviewed.

It seems this series is still trying to find itself. For an episode that starts with a fight, it is a little slow. The fighting seems to be pretty ineffective on all sides. Although it does beg the question: what weapons would work against dragons? The military seems to be full of people with no clue what to do. They work to cross purposes that only create more problems. Continue reading Dragonaut 3–cliches WHOAAA

Dragonaut ep 03 – Gundam Guardian Force with a Jungle techno music.


I finally realized what the hook of this show is – a jungle style techno theme song with Gundam style character introductions and guardian forces from FF7 battling (Bahamut, anyone?)

Wow…You can see the female scientist’s breasts from way over here…

What’s with the Eva style music? And the plug suits?

Then, a FF style of plot ensues…A guardian force/esper/whatever goes out of control, and the original handler is ignored (I sympathize with him more than I do the main protagonist, thanks Mike for comparing Eva with this one…), and the protagonist goes after one of the guardian forces.

Everything goes awry, the girl dragon escapes, the new naked dude is born to protect her (doujin artists, rejoice!), and we’re left with a cliff hanger for the next episode.

Right now, everything is still pretty confusing, but what I do know is that a lot of styles from a lot of shows are used – Eva, Gundam, FF series, ugly hair style catalog, and so on.

The conflicts are there – girl loves boy, girl is a dragon, another naked dude dragon sets out to protect the girl dragon; the rightful owner of the naked dude dragon is pissed at the boy, everyone pilots guardian forces Escaflowne style, and the boy must win the love of the girl dragon back. Sounds simple enough.

This episode is mostly action, and that’s fine in my book. I give it a 78% recommendation.

Mike’s Fall 2007 Remainder Roundup

Between the three bloggers on this site, it looks like we’ve covered pretty much every major show except Shana 2 (none of us have seen season 1). This is my opinion on shows we’ve already covered: Blue Drop, Dragonaut, ef-a tale of memories, Gundam 00, Genshiken 2, and Mokke. You can read Ray’s articles in the links provided.

There’s a fine line between hate and yuri.

Blue Drop 1 (Ray’s Review of 1 and 2)

Now that’s more like it. If there was ever a show that was calculated to make me swallow yuri, it would be this one. :) It’s the only show this whole season that to me as any degree of genuine aesthetic beauty–beautiful music, beautiful imagery, emotional nuance (with one slight misstep in an unnecessary slapstick scene near the end in the cafeteria). It is slow, though, slow on the edge of boring, but given my tastes for European art film, I didn’t find it unbearable in the least. Mari is already an interesting character, though Senkouji, the alien girl, is still a rather blank personality so far (despite her sudden KILL ALL HUMANS activation program or something). The flowers were also a bit much, I think, a bit too shoujo-y for even my taste, and certainly all the hint we need that sometime soon there will be wink-wink-nudge-nudge-saynomore going on. Lovers always start by fighting. But I found the birds around Senkouji in the start to be rather beautiful. Gonzo did a good job animating that scene.

I am keeping a close eye on this one. I need some seriousness in my diet too, you know.

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Dragonaut 2 – the battle of guardian forces/Espers/monsters from Final Fantasy series.


My mind started play the boss music from FF5 or 6 (I think it’s FF3 in US) when the dragon from one of the ISDA dragonauts turned into a monster dragon, and Toa just turned into a dragon.

Jin is trying to escape from the train departing for afterlife, and Toa’s with him, but it turns out that Toa’s one of the Guardian forces and Jin must able to control her to fight off the berserk dragon accompanying one of the pursuers from “Shinra”…

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Dragonaut 1 – what a mix!

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A great cast of seiyuus including Goto Yuuko, Chihara Minori, and Hirano Aya (albeit in a small role, damn), Ono Daisuke, Sugita Tomokazu, Mizuki Nana, Chiba Saeko, and others, animated by Gonzo, and a not so common story, sounds like a winner, right?

It’s hard to say for sure based on first episode. I can tell you this though, it seems to me the feeling and the genre of the story changes quickly and then settles on Sci-Fi monster/mecha and resonance (really, it’s kind of like Eva’s synchronization).

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