Maoyu, take it out and trade


Maoyu is really interesting. Maou, or demon king, is actually a girl, or queen, demon queen, and she was like a Cleopatra, well, she didn’t roll off from the carpet, but yes, she used her abundant oppai to break the hero’s will to fight. And her final plan is to end the war between the human and the demon, and bring peace through prosperity. Then, she goes undercover and travels with the Hero, and she settles in a village and teaches a crop production. Yes, like that Janapnese agriculture reformer, Ninomiya Sontoku (aka Ninomiya Kinjirou, his statue can be found at Little Tokyo of Los Angeles between San Pedro and 2nd street). Yes, around that Japanese plaza).

Then, there are many pigs in the 2nd episode, and we otakus identified these pigs as Moe-Buta (moe pigs). Yes, we otakus are piggish, always think about erotic stuff in 2D, oh yeah, such dirty minded animals are pigs, buhi buhi buhi (oink oink oink). And then, these moe pigs will be told to rush into the lake and drown in moe according to the Scripture. That’s the fate of moe-buta/kimo-ota. Yes, kimo-otas are moe-butas!


But this anime is really similar to Spice And Wolf, that anime was all about international trade and currency speculation. Oh yes, export/import business. And this is about international business too. But it is more like macroeconomics to me. I really love its OP as well, very Ringo Star drumming too.

So what are the business related anime I’ve watched so far? So far I watched were Spice and Wolf, Black Lagoon, Jormungand, and Yumeiro Pattisiere Professional. And I liked Spice and Wolf the most. You travel with a cute girl like Horo the sage, and she can teach you the art of trade, as she is the deity of trade, or crop production, or fertility. Well, she was a hin-nyuu (small chest), not like Maou with abundant oppai, but she is a mentor to Lawrence, a young aspiring trader. And Lawrence will learn and grow as a competent trader as the show progresses through travelling and trading. Yes, adventure. That kind of relationship is also a cute one. Though the master of trade, Horo still has a heart of woman, and that’s very cute. So, it’s very educational anime and at the same time, moe. And a little kawaii, when Horo gets jealous with other chick, she wants to keep Lawrence all by herself. Jormungand was illicit, Jonah was almost like a sex pet to Koko. Unhealthy relationship. And turned out to be Koko was a mad person.

So, Maoyuu is pretty good, I like that kind of relationship. Marriage proposal by the girl, which is so rare in 3D. Proposal is always done by men in heterosexual orientation. Yes, presenting a ring to a girl and declare, “Ore-no-yome (my wife)!” In 2D, mai waifu (my wife)! But girls don’t say, “Watashi no muko (My groom)!” But instead, “Watashi no oujisama (my prince). Watashi dake no oujisama (my prince that only belongs to me). “Only” is what girls love. But they also love harem anime like Hakuouki.

Horo and Lawrence are really business partners. But Maou and Hero aren’t really business partners. Maou does it all by herself. Most of the time, her husband isn’t present. And Jormungand, Koko also does business negotiation all by herself. She doesn’t teach Johan anything about international trade. She just harasses Jonah whenever she likes. But, Horo, she really teaches Lawrence to be the great trader. So, Spice and Wolf is the best. It’s really interesting to see how Lawrence grows and becomes a skillful trader.

Anyway, it’s hilarious that Maou practicing smooching on dakimakura. So funny. Just like Kimo-ota smooching on 2D girl dakimakura! I just love the OP of Maoyu. A sense of adventure is happening.


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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2 thoughts on “Maoyu, take it out and trade

  1. You say Koko was mad. That may be true but, from my observations, only the mad persons are able to shake the world and generate serious changes in it. The rational only serve to maintain the status quo. Besides, is it really that mad to dream of, if not exactly world peace, a diminution of hostilities?
    As for Jonah it seems she wanted to save at least one person from all the wars and insanity of the world and wanted that person at her side when she enacts her “Pax Koko”. For someone like Jonah seeing the end to what he hates but has been a part of for so long it would be a transcendent experience, especially when enacted by his personal savior.

    1. @cat

      Thanks for the comment. Yes, I can see that Koko wanted to save Jonah and her wish for world peace itself isn’t mad. Yet, it was also Johan who pointed the gun at Koko, because he clearly saw the madness in Koko, killing a half million innocent civilians. So, I find Maou is far better and sane than Koko.

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