Chihayafuru 2 Episode 2: As My Love First Came


Unrequited is the most devastating word in the English language. One of the greatest bands in history and a favorite of mine recently broke up. I am heartbroken. I can’t think of any other band who released three consecutive, not good, not great but magical, albums. If Kyubey were to ask me, I would wish that my heart could be bigger so I may love Shrag even more. Even if the band never has and never will love me back.

Sumire is in a similar situation. Taichi has made it fairly clear in the previous episode that he has no romantic feelings for her. But it’s not as dire for her. There is still potential for her to change his heart. And she has the determination. She’s in love.

Her love seems like mere infatuation at the outset. She is portrayed as one who just wants a good looking object on her arm. This may be the case at first but I argue that her love has transformed since.

We witnessed the same passion she intends to dedicate to karuta when she started to clip her nails. It’s hard to tell if she is doing so to gain Taichi’s favor. As presented, we’re given the impression that she is not doing this for Taichi. While it’s the outcome we expected, it happened rather unexpectedly.

How did Sumire change from night to day in such a fleeting period?

Kyubey is the most poignant word in all languages. Homo Sapiens possess this infinite source of energy we call emotion. Emotion drives and shapes us. Kana approached Sumire by appealing to the freshwoman’s feelings. She admits that the newbie is right about the Hundred Poems. She follows with logic in a straight forward, non provocative manner. Then she closes with further appeals to the crying girl’s feelings.

Those two minutes, besides the Glengarry Glen Ross speech, should be studied by all salespeople and politicians. You and I.

I think I am going to write a love letter to Shrag. Then I will create a kickstarter in an attempt to reunite them by providing sufficient economic incentive. Finally, I will tattoo their name on my forehead as a gesture of gratitude. Or something.

Likewise, on the eve of inauguration and the aftermath of the first gun appreciation day when an amount of unnecessary political capital rivaling the size of my love for Shrag will be spent, let us pause and listen to each other. Not just to the words but to the feelings and emotions as well. I believe we can understand each other. We are certainly capable. We heartbreak and we love.


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  1. Yeah, this was a great episode. Kana-chan showed how a senior student should behave to a freshman. Really cool. karuta craze and romance craze! Yeah, guitarists need to cute finger nails too for the hand you grip your guitar. So, many girls don’t choose to play guitar.

    Singer-songwriters are today’s poets, like these karuta poets from 1000 years ago. How we communicate our emotion, lyrics like Shrag! Probably 1000 years later, people will be playing Karuta based on Shrag’s lyrics.

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