Watching Documentary of AKB48: to be continued


I can’t say that I am a hardcore AKB48 fan, but I do enjoy hearing them and seeing a couple of faces such as Mariko Shinoda, or Minami Takahashi.

The first time I heard about this documentary was when I saw a preview of it at Baby Stars Shine Bright last year when I was in San Francisco. I always thought that it was going to be hard for me to watch this documentary without forking over $20+, but it is a video available at CrunchyRoll on the drama side.

Idols are very much a part of Asia media and AKB48 shows off a unique aspect in the fact that this is an ongoing reality popularity contest on a scale not seen much in American entertainment, unless you count shows like American Idol, The Voice, or America’s Got Talent. It is in the record books as being the largest group with well over 300+ members, regular or trainee. Members are evaluated and voted on an ongoing performance basics, as Japanese girls join groups such as this to embark on an entertainment career.

In terms of anime similarities Idol Master, Love Life School Idol Project shows off a side to what AKB48 members are experiencing in reality. This is a documentary for fans of this group. Also as a sociology interest, it concentrates on documenting thoughts, footage and life of a celebrity group in Japan.

I hear positive and negative opinions about AKB48, and they can be thought of as a talent-less group, but there are people who like or are aware of this group. So the question they pose is something people would wonder in the career of a celebrity for a now and then feature.

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  1. I just saw the documentary briefly. It’s basically tracking their activities. They are indeed very talented and strong-willed with these schedules of work and training. To be an idol is a tough job, a lot of exercise and diet and all that.

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