Bra~Chu Bra!!

I’m going to stop being a hypocrite and just admit it: I enjoyed the first episode.

Not only the characters are quirky and holds my interest somewhat, but also the plot is different. I didn’t think they could come up with new plots!

So, Minorin, I mean Nayu Hayama, is kind of a someone who wants to design underwear for girls with adult women bodies. You know, that’s wonderful and natural. After all, women know about women’s bodies better and today’s women are growing fast.

That said, enough panties and fan service in this one to keep a men fappingly happy. It doesn’t have as much awesome-ness as Aika Zero episode 3 (I love it when that girl is trying for a long jump).

The premise is interesting, anyway. Nayu is the tester of new underwear that her “roommate”, probably a teacher at the school, designs. It’s an odd premise considering most teenage girls would probably just go: “You pervert!” and not be the tester. But hey, with enough plot trimmings and plenty of pantsu, it’s a turn off your brain and eat it show.

Good fap, and good night!

Additional Note: this doesn’t even remotely match up to Kanokon, Queen’s Blade (I really saw the light there) and Aika/Najica, so it’s rated G in Uncle Ray’s not-so-humble opinion! XD

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9 thoughts on “Bra~Chu Bra!!

  1. I didn’t think it was a bad first episode either – yeah, the service is pretty in your face, but maybe I’ve been numbed by the Queen’s Blades and Juuden-chans of the world to think this was relatively tame. The talking breasts were a little over the top, but the cast seems likeable and in a couple places it was almost educational. I wonder what they’re going to do for a plot for the rest of the season now that the misunderstanding is cleared up though…

    1. @ suguru – it really isn’t as awful as people like to make it to be! Sure, it really looks like a blatant excuse for fan service but at least it tries to have it deliver with a fresh reason. It’s rather fascinating to the less knowledge people like me!

  2. I enjoyed the first episode too. Honestly, from the way everyone was making it sound, I was expecting the show to be much worse than it actually was. It’s good to see others who aren’t afraid to admit to liking this stuff.

    1. @ janai – well, I wasn’t expecting anything but fan service and I got more from it! I just dropped my anime critic face and just watched it for what it was! Good stuff.

  3. i actualy thought the talking breasts where funny, plus it dulled the sense of ecchi just enough for my mom to laugh at it, fanservice is extremely mild compared to most animes today (glances at Ikki Tousen poster) …what was I talking about?

  4. @ proly gonna be called creepy – Whoa, your mom thought it was OK? Dude, that’s so cool!!!!



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