Toriko: Episode 4 – Pausing for more..

I seriously watch this anime for the food! *drools* And then everything kinda goes down the hill. There’s a battle that seriously reminded me of parts like Blue Dragon. Then there were some humorous parts in this episode, such as Tina’s laptop obviously an Apple parody, and then her way of eating Chocolates.. it is no wonder that she’s not overweight with how much she indulges.

I decided to just wait for more episodes to marathon on this anime. They’re dragging out an easily two-three chapter storyline and for what…? They’re not even done with introducing the one mascot character that I know.

Recently I said that I saw Toriko volume four at Anime Boston right? Well I got fed up with the wait and end up purchasing both volume four-five on the ipad.. so there! Reading the manga while waiting for the anime to catch up, is just a slow wait. Makes me want to watch more Gintama anime, while crying at the distressing news that I have heard on volume 23 being the last volume in the United States.

On another note.. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day. Be sure to celebrate it with a special mother in your life.

Author: Linda

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