Bleach 145– stupid tornados

Great landscapeEating sand is not part of a good dietTornado?

This episode is a little better then the last with its effort to move the story along. It was slow but not as frustrating to watch. The battle from the last episode is finally resolved. Only for the three heroes to be in the middle of no where.

There is not fighting in this episode other then the end of the last battle. That is a little disappointing and too close a similarity to DBZ where all the fighting took more then one episode. Most of the time is spent with the heroes trying to get to the fortress of the Espada. This is rather bleak and nothing to wow the audience. They get sucked into a tornado which is not very interesting. One redeeming value is that more of the Espada are shown. There are now more enemies to look forward to fighting. The end was an okay cliff hanger, which introduced a new hallow being chased by more hollows.

Since this series is really built on fighting this episode was weak. There needs to be more action and people dieing. It also seems to take a sillier bend recently compared to other arcs. This episode is largely dominated by the petty rivalry between Ichigo and Ishida. Their childish arguing is detracting from my expectations I have had for this show. Earlier shows were more serious and dark and now there is more childish bickering and silly jokes. This new direction is not enjoyable and does not encourage fans to view it as it once was. 40%

Author: matt