Durarara 1 and 2 – Black motorcycles are awesome motorcycles

Super catchy music and wonderful atmosphere

The first thing that caught after the first two episodes is the music. I am really digging the theme to the show. A nice little j-pop ditty. But the second episode really shines with haunting music emphasizing the messed up situations. It adds the right layer of creepy to this new show. Sometime music is just used to fill silence. This show really uses music to build up the characters and give them a rounder identity without relying on exposition to just explain everything.

The second thing that caught me was the number of characters. THERE ARE A LOT. To be honest I am looking forward to getting to know them better. The kids from the first episode really did not interest me. Honestly if the show was only going to focus on them I am out. The character that is obviously most interesting is the biker who can slam a dude’s face into a pillar. The second episode continues to make her intriguing and something I want to follow. I am still a little concerned it could be too diverse a cast but I am defiantly going to give the next episode a chance.

This is not quite a supernatural show, nor a comedy, or action. It has elements of each and will probably through in romance for good measure. I honestly am looking for the action to keep me interested. Although a good romance or novel story could keep me involved. It is a promising show that could develop into something awesome. Watch it if you are looking for something new.

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  1. What kind of bike does she use? It’s based on a real bike, but I don’t know which.

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