Because I Can’t Resist Pointing This Out

Many of you are no doubt aware that Gainax is not actually responsible for the Evangelion Rebuild movies. Instead, an Anno-created outfit called “Studio Khara” is the actual production company. I was wondering what “Khara” actually meant…until I saw a storyboard from the production. “Khara” is actually a Greek word (this might look funny if you don’t have a Greek font):


(The first letter is a “chi” pronounced like “k.” Normally, it’s romanized as “ch” so had they said “chara,” I would have been tipped off earlier.)

“Chara” means “joy” in Greek. Being a seminarian with a tiny bit of knowledge of New Testament Greek, I checked my lexicon to see what NT passages would contain a prominent use of this word. I found a rather famous one, actually, in Luke 2:10:

γαρ ευαγγελιζομαι υμιν χαραν μεγαλην

Or, in English,

For I bring to you good news (euangelizomai) of great joy (charan megalein).

Euangelizomai, of course, is just the verb form of “proclaiming the good news (euangelion).”

So. Guess what project Studio Khara brings out first? That’s right, Evangelion. Coincidence? I think not.

Maybe Anno’s done his homework this time after all!

HT: KT + Anime, which inspired me to look this up.

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  1. The movie was good news for Evatards like Mike. XD And it was excellent hence it shall bring good news of joy to merchandising companies in Japan.

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