Code Geass R2 episode 19– everyone is crazy but still human.

The truth will set you free, or destroy everything you worked for.

A good show has good psychology. You cannot believe the characters will do anything that does not seem reasonable. Nina is a human in this episode. After one of the inventors of the A-bomb show how destructive it is he quoted a Vedic text saying “I have become death, destroyer of worlds.” Oppenheimer and Nina both experience the pain of creating the new super-weapon. Nina’s hate of Japanese does not override her respect for human life. She realizes the problem of unleashing that kind of force. Lloyd is the one that pushes her to face that terrible choice between science or leaving science. Lelouch also has to be believable in his craziness. He cannot have superhuman emotions or ideals. A lot of what he does is out of selfish desires. It just so happens he can convince people that he has high minded goals instead. His new found love of Rolo affirms Lelouch’s humanity. He still connects to people and does not want to use up people for his own sake.

Lelouch is now isolated again. He started with the Geass and built the Black Knights. Then Suzaku defeated him and He lost everything again. He left Japan and created the international force to challenge Brittania. Now they know the truth about him and he has nothing. His goals just seem to be assassinating Charles. He knows he is not going to succeed in the end and just wants to revenge himself on Charles. I am not really sure if there is going to be a third season at this point or not. This could still come to a head in 26 episodes or now Lelouch may go somewhere else and build a fourth army to fight Brittania.

Lelouch cares for Kallen. AWWWWWW. The truth about Lelouch was all that was needed to take him down. If it was so easy why did the Brittanians not tell the Black Knights sooner. They used Zero just like Zero used them. He is the Queen in chess with powerful moves. They just used him to come up with plans to succeed. Toudou was honest about using Zero and he did not have any real loyalty to Zero. Instead of asking Zero why he massacred everyone they just assumed it was Zero being demented. Instead of asking Zero why a prince of Brittania was leading the rebellion they just decided to turn him over to the Brittanians. If Japan could not defeat Brittania on its own earlier why do they think that they can defeat Brittania after giving up Lelouch.

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  1. >>Nina’s hate of Japanese does not override her respect for human life.

    BS. It’s because she killed many Brittanians.

    Hello Matt.

    You provided a summary, but I couldn’t help but notice your writing to be staccato’ed and broken up too much. Try making your sentences flow better.

    Finding your writing “voice” will help.

  2. Word on the cyberstreet, based on comments from the head writer, is that this season will wrap the story up, but of course that’s merely a rumour.

  3. t korosora thanks for the input. Mike has been on me for that. I think the reviews tend to be a strong reflection of my fragmented thinking. any time you have advice please share.
    t IKnight then all we need next is The Next Generation like they did with Yu-Gi-Oh

  4. This strangely reminds me of Death Note’s ending…. .. NAW!!! So basically, Kill Charles + Nunally protection – Nunally Protection + Finish Dream + Rolo redemtion is Lelouch’s incentive… Pretty funny.

  5. rolo should not have died he’s cool, awesome, and really cute but at least he died saving someone important to him

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