Baccano 1– Meh

not enough guns but here are some.most annoying girl we never see againfingers come back

If you watch Baccano first kiss your linear thinking goodbye. The first episode is a random collection of events and characters with no real story told. You find certain characters killed and others in situations that don’t make sense. One item learned in the episodic scenes is that certain characters heal after “dieing” and repair of any physical damage. In the end you have a loose introduction to the characters that is done a little better in the theme song for the show. The concept of immortals is not terrible novel or exciting. This episode is not a good setup for the series. At best a loose introduction to other characters. The soundtrack through out the series is jazz keeping with the 1930s feel to the show. The animation is decent and what one would expect. Keeping watching after this episode.

Author: matt

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  1. I believe Dieing…as you wrote it is written wrong^^
    I believe its Dying. xD

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