Ultraviolet 44 05 – A Replicant/Boomer as main character

Summary – No. 44 (add 3 to become no. 47…Claymore joke) does her very best to escape from the SS I mean SBCU and the local security force, taking out many and the leader of SBCU in the process. Luca is now in the custody of the security bureau. Both her primary physician Garcia and her temporary physician (I forgot the name) come to find her. After some spectacular battles, she escapes with the 2 doctors.

Thoughts – Whenever anime use foreign songs, the songs are often more mature than the anime itself. I think that shows that anime is still aimed at immature people, or anime is a more immature hobby. The OP and ED is performed by BECCA, a singer discovered by Meredith Brooks. The lyrics of the OP suggests a fling between two mature and perhaps world-weary people; the fundamental of the show describes a clone supermodel woman falling in love for the first time. To me at least, the song is much more mature-themed than the show.

Romi Park’s voice is deep and sexy and she plays a leggy supermodel. The scene at the clinic where her legs were naked was fap worthy for any fanboy. The show itself is presented as a kind of Blade Runneresque show with a passing grim view of Tokyo in the future. The concept is nothing revolutionary. For me, the draw here is Romi’s voice and her character (yes, she’s damned hot and her voice will scare away moe Otaku but drive a mature male wild). For some reason I can totally see lesbians loving this show, although I have yet to find a gay or lesbian anime watcher…Oh wait, one of our readers is bi. But in any case, The action is short-lived but not unexciting.

Nothing much plot-wise happens in this episode, hence this is more of a pain in the ass to write about. Let’s just say the style points and animation, maybe even the score lifts the show up tremendously, but other than other, it’s a simple thriller, perhaps. It’s a great watch with popcorn and soda because there are no pretentious philosophical junk anywhere.

In short, she’s invincible and she escapes. I’m rather surprised for the detour outside of Earth. I figured for the rest of the show she’d stick around and more action would ensue. Let’s hope the fillers aren’t going to be boring as hell or pretentiously philosophical.

BTW, this officially falls into Cyberpunk territory.

Author: Ray

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