Aoi Hana 06 – Reasons and parallels

So the drama is on stage and off stage.

I don’t know anything about the on stage drama but the parallel between that and the show is nice and clear – Heathcliff and Catherine (characters on stage) = Sugimoto and Ikumi (characters in the anime). Something Ikumi does or has done becomes or has become the factor for their relationship not working out, or at least that’s what Sugimoto perceives. But of course, what she doesn’t realize or not explained concerning herself is that her present preference and actions are ultimately affected by the teacher she used to have a crush on before meeting Banjome.

The drama within the drama is done well and the sequences as well as scenes are animated nicely. Simple but beautiful; it felt like the secret garden of shojo (read: lesbos) being presented modestly to the audience, like the tasteful nude in the eye catcher.

The only problem I have with this show is the implied concept of girls rejected by guys become lesbians and a lesbian rejected by her lover will just get married and become straight. Or maybe that’s not it. After all, Ikumi Kyoko still has a thing for Sugimoto Yasuko. I think the only pure girls’ love character here is Banjome Fumi.

She just need to get Akira, her best friend, into the power of the yuri side. After all, someone once said something like: “It’s even better if your girl is your best friend.”

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  1. Heathcliff and Catherine? That’s Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte’s classic about the love between a girl and an angsty, brooding, somewhat creepy man. The template for romance stories along with Pride and Prejudice ever since!

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