Jormungand, Gihren Zabi moment

kokolocoJormungand, this is about Koko’s evil ambition. HCLI is her global logistic company, a conglomerate, with its gigantic financial power, launching satellites to have the command of the air. That’s what Reagan’s Star Wars was. Whoever controls the air dominates the world. Currently it’s Obama since he’s the king of the drone attack. But now Koko’s taken over the control of the air and even CIA couldn’t prevent it.jona1

I thought Koko was a great woman, she was really the genius of business negotiations. But her Jormungand project was a delusion. She was just a trash. Yes, Hitler was the master of political maneuver, probably the most genius in the world history, but what he had in his mind was really crazy. It was evident in Mein Kampf. But nobody took it seriously when he wrote it. It was written when the Nazi party was still a small regional third party, just one of the Bavaria’s extreme fringe groups that only a few crazy right-wingers paid attention to. But Koko didn’t even make public of her crazy idea. Yes, Mein Kampf was what Hitler would do when he acquired the power. Koko didn’t say what she would do when she attained the power. So, basically she kept her Main Kampf in her head for a long time, until her ambition was deemed possible.Gihren_Zabi

“Forceful peace,” or peace by terror, that was Koko’s plan, by crashing all the planes currently flying in the sky, thus stopping all the distributions, thus stopping the international arm deals also, then peace would be attained. That’s just downright crazy. What’s the difference from terrorists? No, for the scale, she is worse than terrorists. She must be the devil that Nostradamus prophesied or Mayan’s 2012. She declared to exterminate a half million people for her vision. Stalin said killing one person is murder but killing millions is heroism.

I don’t know why her private bodyguards followed her, except for Valmet, a yuri soldier. Koko didn’t share her vision with anybody. Without a vision, how can you follow your boss? And she turned out to be the worst psycho. Yes, Hitler’s psycho-pass would be the most clouded, and I think Koko’s too. The scariest thing is when a psycho gets the power. What if nukes fall into the hands of terrorists. Bush took a pre-emptive action before Sadam got nukes, but North Korea already declared to posses nukes. And now Iran is going to. As I came from the only country that experienced nuclear attacks, I never want to see mushroom clouds, and now Koko has the control of all the nukes around the world! From Pax Americana to Pax Cocoa. evil

Well, Koko’s plan is to separate people from military forever. Actually Gen. MacArthur tried that in Japan. Yes, forceful peace. If the Japanese didn’t follow what MacArthur said, they would have been exterminated with nukes, so no choice. The Japanese Constitution Article 9 explicitly bans armament. But realistically, Japanese has military, but it is called “self defense force” to avoid unconstitutionality.

jona3Moreover, Koko’s sexuality is mystery, but hugging Jona and giving him a kiss on the lips in the bathroom! But what was that kiss about? Is she a shōtacon? What is Jona to her? A pet or clown, or fool? Or like Nobunaga had a homo-erotic male secretary, Mori Ranmaru? Catamite? Pederastic friendship? Koko seems to have no interest in adult males. She doesn’t have a boyfriend, she doesn’t have a girlfriend either, but she has a great interest in Jona.jona4

Anyway, Koko was a trash. I was so jealous when Koko kissed Jona, and I thought she would be my okazu for Xmas eve, “Please sexual harass me, Koko-sama! I’m only 14!” like Valmet begging Koko. But now she completely turned me off.  Very different from Lovely Morishima, though the same seiyuu. I rather drink umeshu to Lovely Morishima than to Koko, that’s how I will spend Xmas.


She was just a crazy lunatic. Koko, or rather kookoo.

Her name is Coco, she is loco, I said oh no!

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    1. Right, I was appalled that none of them walked off when Koko gave them a speech about the Jormungand project. Only Jona had a conscientious reaction. Probably, adults are more obedient to the power since they carry the burden of social responsibility. Or soldiers like them are more clouted into Eichmann psychology, I guess, like Full Metal Jacket intense bootcamps.

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