Hyakko 1 (Ray)

It’s an encounter of a thousand laughs?

Maybe. Quirkiness seems to be the name of the day as I have see 3, including this one.

Here we go.

Ayumi is a natural-type who always forget things and always drag people down. She’s played by Hirano Aya.

Shy, awkward and just short of clumsy, she can’t seem to do anything right.

Hime is the stuck girl who can’t seem to admit her mistakes and is rather tense.

Hykko (the title character) or Torako is the impulsive girl who charges forward (ala Manabi Straight) with more power.

Suzu is the quiet girl with appetite.

Seem this a million times before. Yet, these 4 personalities can pretty come together and represent things that most people have, and that’s a classic treatise of discussions in human nature…

Yeah right.

Aya-chan shows a slightly different voice, not as good as Nijou Mensou (damn, I did finish that but I lost motivation to write anything) and sounding more like in sumomomomomomomo, but very cute.

As the clumsy Ayumi feeling she’s going to be left behind, her savior takes her hand and leads her away.

She’s no longer left behind.

You know I’m watching this just for her.

This is a slice of life comedy that doesn’t quite add up in funnies as Azumanga Daioh, because simply nobody really stands out so far. I feel the characters are all rather stereotypical and I’m waiting for everything to get kicked up a notch. The references using Torako/Hykko’s name isn’t amusing enough for me.

Why do I watch it? Two words (or three words in Japanese Kanji)

Hirano Aya.

Looking for more and hoping to find some.

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