Amagami SS+ plus, epi 3, Sasuga Shinshi!

Ahh, Rihoko arc! This guy is so shinshi (紳士 “gentleman”)! Yes, hentai-shinshi (変態紳士 “pervert gentleman”). He did it again! This episode 3 is kami (divine)! Gentlemanship excels!

Just genius. Tachibana must be the chosen one! And when he was in elementary school, he was already a gentleman. Just like Jesus was already preaching when he was 12!

At high school’s health center, Tachibana suggests to Rihoko to see who is taller. Obviously Tachibana is taller, so Rihoko turns him down first, but he suggests adding the chest size to it and see who would be taller. And Rihoko agrees! That play… Breast measurement play! Yeah, once a girl likes you, she lets you do whatever you want!

I would have given up if Rihoko rejected my offer. But he came up with a brilliant idea to counter her rejection. “Why don’t we add the chest size!” Only rejected once, then I’d give up. Yeah, I have dekikkonai (a defeatist attitude). That’s the attitude of a love-shy, as The Love-Shy Survival Guide says,

For example, a defeatist attitude ends up sinking you and keeps you by yourself. Oh, it’s OK if I’m by myself the whole day. Or, I don’t really need to talk to that woman at the bar over there, I’ll just go home and masturbate. (p 76)

Yes, just like Amata asked Mikono‘s name at a movie theater, but he didn’t go further, thinking that kind of pretty girl would never go out with him. But he got gyakunan from Mikono!

Therefore, I have to be persistent, so the door may open for me. I have to learn from Tachibana-san, the sakushi (策士 “strategist”) ever since Shokatsu Koumei. I’ve already earned the title of shinshi, but now I have to strive to become a sakushi!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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