Aku No Hana, final ep, Kasuga should be kimo-ota.

Hentai note.
Nakamura’s Hentai note.

Aku No Hana final episode… Crap, so this is not the end. I have to wait until there’s Part 2?? This cliff hanger certainly sucks. A thought of “what’s gonna happen next?” can’t make me sleep.

Nakamura writes in her Hentai note, “I found a hentai other than me!” Yes, Nakamura discovers the same kind. So, Kasuga should’ve told her, “Yes, I’m a pervert-gentleman, and I’m proud of it.” Yes, hentai shinshi (perverted gentleman)! Yes, heitai-to-iu-na-no-shinshi (a gentleman that is named “pervert”). But instead Kasuga screams “Nakamura-san, I will become a pervert! I promise!” How do you become a pervert? No no no. You are already a pervert. It’s whether you realize or not. It’s whether you admit or not. It’s like the Buddha nature. You already are a Buddha, but you just don’t realize it. So, you are a hentai, but you don’t realize, or you are in self-denial. But why?

"There was a hentai (pervert) other than me! Kasuga Takao!"
“There was a hentai (pervert) other than me! Kasuga Takao!” – Nakamura

Because unlike Nakamura, 3D girls hate a hentai. That’s why we wear a “mask” of gentleman. Even though you become phallic after you secretly ogle her things-in-themselves, you have to act like as if nothing is happening to your body. But this physiological reaction, that is exactly the Hentai nature. While talking to a hot chick, you put your hands in the pockets of your jeans and make some room, so you can cover up your phallic reaction.  So, you don’t have to bend your back or sit down. So, whenever there is a dude suddenly puts his hands in his pocket while talking to a cute girl, yup, he’s not trying to be cool like James Dean but just making an extra space for getting hard. That’s the definition of “mask.” And Nakamura wants a confession of the mask from Kasuga.

Yup, what makes hentai is a drive to have skinship. Or “gattai (unification),” to borrow a word from Aquarion EVOL by Kawamori Shoji. Unlike Kasuga, otakus admit themselves that they are perverted gents. So, we otakus are Buddhas. The word “Buddha” means “the one that realizes.” Yes, we realize that we are already perverts, so we are all Buddhas! That is the true definition of enlightenment!

Moreover, pervert is feminist gentleman. The definition of feminism is “a love for girls.” I love girls more than anybody else, so I’m the true feminist! I love anything feminine. Yes, anything kawaii. So, I’m the girlish lover! Buruma is an epitome of feminine, so are maid costume and yukata. Buruma fetishism is a proof that you are a feminist like Kasuga. Yes, Kasuga is a descendant of Kasuga Kyosuke of Kimagure Orange Road, so he has feminism in his blood!

To my surprise, Nakamura is wearing buruma! That’s what I noticed the most as a hentai-shinshi!

Too bad their school didn’t have otakus. If Nakamura ever met otakus, she would’ve surely acknowledged us as the people who went to “the other side.” Since we otakus are open about our hentainess. Because 3D eroticism is lacking in otaku life! That thirst for femmes is what makes us feminists. Yes, so if a girl with a mini skirt happens to bend over in front of us, our mind instinctually wants to peep her pantsu like Shimura Ken, the true hentai-shinshi (pervert-gentleman)! Kasuga should be a disciple of Shimura Ken! Or Muttsurini from BakaTesu!

Hentai shinsi love pantsu.
Shimura Ken peeps pantsu.
Mutsurini peeps pantsu.
Muttsurini peeps pantsu.

But that’s impossible in 3D, so you go for moe. So, moe is based on our hentai nature, and we otakus all realize that. So, Kasuga should’ve been an otaku, especially kimo-ota (repulsive otaku)! Then, Nakamura would’ve been happy. Down with kusomushi (shitty bugs) like riajuu. So, it’s not that he decides to become a pervert, but rather realizes that he’s a pervert! That is the otaku spirit!

P.S. Nakamura’s drawing on the notebook is awesome. She is as artistically talented as Kobayashi Yuu “the artist” (画伯 “gahaku”). The title of gahaku has been so far only earned by Yamashita Kiyoshi in Japan other than Kobayashi Yuu. But, I think Nakamura would be earning that title soon.

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4 thoughts on “Aku No Hana, final ep, Kasuga should be kimo-ota.

  1. When you said that you’re a feminist, you sound like Takechi Henpeita from Gintama. One of his famous lines is “I’m not a lolicon. I’m a feminist.”

    1. LOL, yeah, same reasoning, he loves girls (despite a little younger), so he’s a feminist, probably we hentai all share the same brainwaves.

  2. Nakamura is ultimately looking for someone who’s unique and non-conforming. Kasuga is trying, in his own pathetic way, to be that person, but because he’s empty he ends up just mostly trying to live up to the wishes of people around him. Saeki, as you will find out if they ever do a second season that is foreshadowed at the end of the ep…well, let’s just say she’s hiding a lot of crap.

    They better make more. This was the best show of the season and there is way, way more drama coming if they are going to continue following the manga. I actually wish I hadn’t read it now; it made the end of this season feel a bit anti-climactic.

    1. I do want to see the second season. They need to make it. otherwise i can’t sleep. that’s why I’m tempted to read the manga, but I don’t read mangas that is currently airing or going to air. I don’t enjoy that much if I already know what’s happening. Yup, Saeki is not an angel, and nobody is in 3D. Maji-tenshi (or really angel) only happens in 2D. Though so far, Saeki seems very ideal to me… at this moment, so don’t tell me more!

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