New anime I want to check out 2013 summer

I at least want to check out 3 titles from the summer season 2013.


1. Kitakubu Katsudou kiroku.

Kitaku (帰宅) means “going home.” So, kitaku-bu (帰宅部) means “going home club.” That’s what I belonged. That’s the essence of being otaku, staying home and watch anime. Jitaku (自宅) means “my home.” Otaku (御宅) means “your home.” Mi casa es tu casa. So, my  home is your home. Yes, jitaku is otaku. So, going home is to be otaku. The word “eco” is actually from a Greek word “oikos (home).” Yes, so totally, my eco is your eco = our eco. Otaku literally means “honorable home.” So yes, we are the honorable eco. Mighty eco. So, otakus are the eco-friendliest. The word “otaku” is very globally eco-conscious indeed. The whole earth is “otaku.” Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. There is no place like home. Everything starts from home and that’s the otaku life. So I’m interested in this anime. But a slice of life is not my take, so I’m worried that if this turns out to be a blunder. Anyway, the title itself is deep. so I’ll check it out.

A pretty girl offers her hand to me.
A pretty girl offers her hand to me.

2. Kimi No Iru Machi (A town that you live)

A town that you live. Ahhh, this is totally my ideal romance, so sehnsucht or saudade. This was supposed to be my youth! She offers her hand to me, ahhh, this emotion, I need to write a poem. Have any girl offered a hand to me? No one. I just need to collect rice after a wedding like Eleanor Rigby. Ah, I want to reach that hand. This is my primordial wants. She’s the archetype, that high school uniform. Issho-ni (一緒に “together”) is a key word. That word is loaded with romanticality. “Let’s do something together.” I want to hold that hand and follow her way! She is telling me, “Come together.” Ahh, seishun, so youth. I want to hold your hand! That cheerful merry light step she is taking, ahh, she leads my way. I get a very strong impression from this poster. Yup, that’s true, A town that both she and I lived. Yes, she becomes a representative of the community you belong. So, if she rejects you, then you feel the whole town rejects you as if you’ve been declared exile. And Barack Obama agrees with my point in his book;

“it’s impossible not to feel at some level as if you have personally been repudiated by the entire community…when the girl you’d been pinning over dismissed you… (The Audacity of Hope p107).”

Yes, that’s why I came to America. Because I couldn’t live in the same town she was living. But what if my confession went successful…? So, my alternative universe, or parallel world, is what I’m so curious about, and this anime probably provides me with that alternative life. A town or community or country that I should never have left if everything (= romance) went smooth. This anime or at least this title strikes my core. Thus, this leads to the next anime I want to check out.


3. Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (No matter how I look at it, it’s you guys’ fault I’m not popular!), aka WataMote

Yes, totally, I can’t agree more! When I was moving to America, I told the entire nation, “Why did I fail to get any romantic pleasure? Because it’s all you guys’ fault!” Ex-Tokyo governor Mr. Ishihara wanted “Japan that can say NO!” And congratulations to him, just as he wanted, Japan said NO to me, so I came here as an immigrant. But now I’ve realized that since Japan is a capitalist nation, it was actually capitalism that rejected me. Capitalism is reality = 3D. So, samsara is 3D. So, it’s all capitalism’s fault. That’s why even after moving to America, I am still un-riajuu. So, that proves my point that it’s all capitalism’s fault, not Japan’s per se. So, I should write a light novel, Ore ga motenai no wa dou kangaetemo Shihonshugi ga warui! (No matter how I look at it, it’s all capitalism’s fault that I’m not popular!) aka OreMote.


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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