Chihayafuru 2 Episode 18: My Fear is That You Will Forget


Arata isn’t even trying and he’s still oozing sex simply by squatting outside the tournament doors. That’s the key to being truly sexy. It’s never forced. It just is. I am upset we got to view Shinobu’s pantsu but never Arata’s underwear. Sexist. Anyways.

This week will be a public service announcement on introversion. I am too lazy to look it up now but at the time of publication, the most popular article written on The Atlantic was one explaining introverts. Extroverts and society in general seem to have great difficulty in understanding their counterpart.

The state of being alone does not equate loneliness. The latter mostly stems from an inability to connect with others and partly from a lack of stimulation. I love being alone. I am a fierce introvert. I much prefer my own company over others. This is why I would attend cons with friends but rarely hang out with them throughout the duration.

There are definitely instances where I can’t stand to be around others but it’s usually an inclination to observe, reflect, introspect. An extrovert shouldn’t take that personally.


Introverts are not shy. I have spent hours standing next to the busiest intersection at Otakon asking passing cosplayers for photos. I do not make small talk and consider it a waste of time. I strive for more intimate conversations. Introverts keep a small but intense circle of friends. The choice of conjunction there is tellingly curious. Extroversion is the dominant, default state.

While one isn’t necessary healthier or better than the other, demands of life and progress tend to require collaboration. That said, introverts would outlast on an island =P

Playing against those better certainly helps but lacking the magical logic of MLM, I fail to comprehend how one may improve in karuta from isolation. We got a glimpse of Shinobu’s childhood in which she is matched against older karuta players in an effort to keep her alone, almost to the point of alienation.

This sheds some light on some of her actions meant as comic relief such as sneezing on someone else’s sleeve and wearing unconventional pantsu and not seeing the merits of team karuta. It’s troublesome. Introversion is perfectly healthy. Alienation is not.

Let’s hope Mizusawa takes three wins and demonstrate to Shinobu that team work is a lot of fun and rewarding as well.


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2 thoughts on “Chihayafuru 2 Episode 18: My Fear is That You Will Forget

  1. Shinobu lacks zeitgeist. Michael Jackson grew up like that, so he was still very childish. Kids need to be with kids, the same age group. What she need is kibbutz.

    I guess Arata was wearing buruma, thus censored.

    Yes, I think being alone is cool, if that’s her own choice. Involuntary celibacy, or involuntary loneliness is not cool, which happens to be my case.

    Team work is cool, you can never get to meet Kana-chan if you play by yourself! I also hope Mizusawa’s victory can convince Shinobu that team work is fun.

    1. “…Kana-chan if you play by yourself!”
      That’s… dirty =P
      I will lend my moral support and stay celibate with you until your misery ends.

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