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The rich mingles with the rich and famous. When’s the last time you paid $37100 for dinner? It is Yoshiki and for a cause so I guess that’s somewhat reasonable.

MLM, this is for you. Nine traits for women to flock to you like bees to a hive! But 70s rock n roll? I would think that would be a huge turn off. But really, these lists are so silly it’s not even funny. Attraction is a PERSONAL thing. I bet I can find a woman for each of these items that consider it a turn off.

I would love to work for Nintendo. And totally agree about revealing sales figures. Investors do not blindly invest. Smart ones don’t anyways.

Whoever wrote this must be a Ghost In the Shell fan. How many do you agree with?

An abundance of Tezuka’s work are now on Youtube in several languages and counting! I like how it’s not available in Japan (even if I understand why).

Megumi Hayashibara! She will be a voice actress in the anime adaptation of a banned manga from forty years ago.

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