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Anime Diet Radio Episode 46 – Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

This is one of the few times a non-anime animation image will be shown here


Welcome to the first podcast of 2010! We are so futuristic, we time-skipped right over Episode 45!* In our attempt to herald the New Podcast Order we decide to go back to basics and just do what we do best: funny news and a roundtable discussion about nothing less than the future of anime and supporting technologies, especially the possibilities of Blu-Ray and whether it can compete with streaming solutions. In the news, we talk about Sleeping with Hinako, some Eva Fender guitars that we are sure were made to catch up with K-ON!, and man-maid cafes in Akihabara. (The last is actually a lot more respectful than you might think. We’re not just all about mockery here!)

* Episode 45 had some technical issues and will be released later this week. No, really. But this one is explicitly about the new year and it was felt to be more appropriate. Also, these were recorded too early to catch some of your comments, so the mailbag will return with episode 47.

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