Winter 2011 Season: Audio Impressions!

Ray and Mike discuss what’s been going on in the winter 2011 season so far. Includes 9 shows!

The Cart Driver is to be thanked for his public services.

On a whim, Ray and I decided to record impressions of nine shows from this current season! It’s our first recording of any sort in a while, and so forgive the sound imperfections and other issues. (Technical difficulties prevented most recordings in the past.) In this, we briefly discuss Wolverine, Madoka Magica, Gosick, Fractale, Wandering Son, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka?, Freezing, Infinite Stratos, and Dragon Crisis. Most are initial impressions based on the first 2-3 episodes at most. It’s also mostly major spoiler free!

Anyways—enjoy this lightly edited recording. More to come…

Show Order/Agenda

  • (00:00 – 02:08) Introduction
  • (02:09 – 05:19) Wolverine
  • (05:20 – 13:54) Madoka Magica
  • (13:55 – 18:28) Gosick
  • (18:28 – 23:51) Fractale
  • (23:51 – 25:23) Wandering Son
  • (25:23 – 30:02) Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
  • (30:02 – 33:48) Freezing
  • (33:48 – 35:01) Infinite Stratos
  • (35:01 – 39:21) Dragon Crisis
  • (39:21 – end) Conclusion

2 thoughts on “Winter 2011 Season: Audio Impressions!

  1. Listened to this a bit, and from the image, I thought you guys who were going to talk about Kimi ni Todoke… >_< Not watching any shows this season, so you guys lost me after Wolverine. Still to Mai Hime.. What the heck.. with these series.. second part changing drastically definitely pushes Gurren Laggen up to my mind. I'll be quiet now. >_<

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