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Anime Diet Radio Episode 44 – What What?


You may be asking, “what what? Anime Diet Radio isn’t dead?” Nope–it just went on a break along with a good part of my real life…but here we are, the first new episode in two months! It’s been far too long since we’ve graced your ears with our filthy banter about the wacky news and roundtable debates. This time, we talk about Noriko Sakai in rehab, inappropriate Hello Kitty products, a place where you can pay a tsundere to slap you…and far too many cracks about Amy Winehouse. Yes. Really.

We also have a special guest who you may be seeing much more of in the future–a friend of ours, Rome Lamoe, who joins us on the tsundere slap session! He’s a real live Japanese otaku, from Japan, who’s on board to talk about just how much he loves to get services at maid cafes. Oh yes.

Finally, we also have the most varied roundtable section, divided into three parts, in which we take more aim at celebrities in inappropriate cosplays, maid cafe services you don’t want, and what songs would work with an X-Men shoujo musical. I’m not sure how we came up with the last topic. Believe me, if you can come up with anything stranger/better/more humiliating, write us at and we might just take the bait.

Anyways, there is already another episode after this one in the can–expect it next week. Fear not. The podcast is rising once more!

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