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Hanasaku Iroha 3-4-5, May Day tsundere epic fail

To Ohana, to her life struggle, May Day is the day to celebrate all the working girls around the globe. I want to dance with…

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Dengeki Daisy: trust and temptation of an unlikely relationship.

Dengeki Daisy Story and Art by Kyousuke Motomi Published by Viz Media. 192 pages. 2010. $9.99 There must be a low tolerance level to reading…

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Ōkami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi – she can’t lead

As a rule of thumb (in my book anyway), classic anti-hero types often don’t make great leads. Unless the entire world is set up so…

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Love Azunyan!

I’ve gotta say, when I saw Azusa on K-On, I was hooked. She’s cute, easily embarassed but somehow even more moe than Mio. I also…

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and the Tsundere is HOT!

For some reason, when I saw this Google Trends search result while looking up “Tsundere Banana“, I think of Taiga Aisaka making 3 points shots…

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 44 – What What?

[display_podcast] You may be asking, “what what? Anime Diet Radio isn’t dead?” Nope–it just went on a break along with a good part of my…

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