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Cacophony To Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day comes again… No White Day for me, so “naturally,” I have to celebrate Black Day this year…otra vez…

My fuzzy Valentine… Leave little Valentine, leave! Each day is Black Day.

Cacophony (discord, dissonance) in Brazilian is “desafinado.” Just like my heart without symphony. 3-D squeals queasy, played by Misoharmonic, so disharmonic. Never received honmei choco…no chocophony. So, I find 3-D all phony. Thus, I seek moephony in 2-D…

Hence, here’s my Cacophony To Valentine’s Day.

Lyrics below:

2-D Girls Are Better Than 3-D Girls

written by M. LaMoe

I wanna date a girl
I wanna touch a girl
I wanna kiss a girl
And wanna hug a girl
Oh yes, skinship!
Skinship is what I truly need

But no girl has dated me
No girl has touched me
‘Cause they all have boyfriends
Some even got husbands
So instead of boobs
I drink some booze
To 2-D girls
That’s my moe

Wise man says,
“Just ignore these 3-D girls.
So you can attain blissful enlightenment.”

But cute-looking girls still captivate me
And I really wanna touch them
But they don’t let me
So I just touch myself
Thinking ‘bout 2-D girls

2-D girls, better than 3-D girls
2-D girls for sure are better than 3-D girls

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