Black Day, reprise…

Black Day again… Another black noodle, and another dokupe... In the Japanese year of 2673 (The year of our Lord, 2013). This day of infamy seems to be eternal recurrence. And how do I sever it and liberate meself from screaming, “Riajuu must explode!“? This chain of Goddess of Liberty was severed, but that chain now binds me. So, I need the Excalibur or Kusanagi to cut off this chain. But I can only buy a knife from a dollar shop like Daiso. Yes, that’s what low wage proletarians can only afford.

Sacred sword from Daiso to sever eternal recurrence.
Excalibur from Daiso to sever eternal recurrence?

But this knife can’t cut anything, except for peeling the skin of an apple. Oh yes, a Meiji man’s way to describe saudade or sehnsucht. Eternal solitude, eternal singledom, but Speedwagon was also a bachelor his entire life, so it’s okay to celebrate Black Day!

So, I just let Megurine Luka sing the anti-Valentine (anti-riajuu) melody to celebrate our status of kimo-ota.

Viva Black Day!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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