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Anti-Valentine Kimo-ota’s ode, feat. Megurine Luka


New Year’s over and Valentine Season again??? Give me a break. This world, 3D, is surely built for riajuu. Well, I have no choice but be anti-Valentine preemptively, so I won’t be gullible to chocolate companies conspiracy, this capitalism custom. So, here’s Kimo-ota No Hikigatari Part 3. Part 2 was “At Least Be My Okazu,” an ode to Inaban in Kokoro Connect. Yes, how awesome 2D girls are, they will sexually objectify me, even making me their okazu!

Here are the lyrics:

Kimo-ota No Hikigatari: Part 3

Inaba Himeko
that I really want to say she is hot
Yuno Nagatsuma
that I need to avoid

Those girls are crazy
they ask me to become their sexual fantasy
which is okazu, the okazu
I’m happy to become

Loli Yōjo
That I really want to claim they are mine
Yuri shōjo
We dudes would fool around

These guys are crazy
They want them to appear in their wet dreams
They are otakus, repulsive ones
That I’m associated with

The worst of all among otakus
Pero pero
That’s what perorists do

Rikka Takanashi@@@@
The best of all among okazus
Shiko shiko
That’s what onanists do

I want to be Seigneur, earning Droit Du Seigneur, or the Right of Master. Yes, meijin (Master), like Hikaru-no-Go, Chihayafuru, Master of Go, Master of Karuta, Master of Shougi, Master of video game like Takahashi Meijin in BTOOOM! For craftmanship like costume-making, meister (master). And for music composer or conductor, maestro (master). Yes, I want to be the Master. But only genius with perseverance gifted by the intelligent designer can be the Master. Unfortunately, I don’t have none. So, I go to maid cafe to be goshujin-sama (master). But that’s yet to be realized since there aren’t any maid cafe until another con comes up. So, my only choice left now is to be an onani master by ogling 2D girls. Master of onanism! Yes, like Onani Master Kurosawa!

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