Free Sex & Cacodemonomania: Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Kokoro Connect

All I wanna do is have some fun. – Sheryl Crow

Advent Of FREE SEX

Natsuyuki Rendezvous is about Rokka Shimao, a woman in her 30s, a widow, running a flower shop. She starts dating a part-timer worker Hazuki-kun at her shop. But her deceased husband’s ghost possesses Hazuki, and then has sex with her.

In Kokoro Connect, Iori possesses Inaba‘s body and then kisses Taichi, her crush. This time, they are not dead, but switching the souls. But technically possessing someone else’s body.

Watching these two animes, I screamed,

This is my salvation! So help me God!

Oh yes! What if I have a power to possess a riaju (content with sexual life) man. If I can possess a playboy, that too would be so awesome! I never need to seek harem in anime! I can quit being otaku at any time!

Yes, what wish do I want the Holy Grail from Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night to grant? Exactly that power. Power to possess someone else’s body!

If a girl I have a crush on already has a boyfriend or husband, then all I need to do is to possess that man and have skinship with her. And she won’t realize that it was me since the body she’s having sex is still her domestic partner’s. In case of lesbians, then I can possess one of the girls, then I can experience gender-bending yuri action!  Strawberry Panic sexy time! Maria-sama would be smiling!

How long have I been envying riaju dudes? Every time I see them walking with a cute girl holding hands to each other, sometimes pecking on cheeks, I scream with full of lamentation, “Makoto must die! Riaju must explode!” While I stay cold alone in the dark, not getting any skinship, and no, not even a kiss… I’m not asking for French kiss. It’s just a cute little kiss, yes, just a small pecking. It’s not like touching butt or fondling breast. Pecking is just a little innocent flirtation among the elementary school kids, but for grownup girls a kiss on lips is as serious as sex no matter what. I thought Clinton defined sex as strictly penetrational. A blow job doesn’t count as sex. So, a kiss is far from being sexual! Why do they take coquetry so seriously? All I want to do is have some fun.

That’s why 2D girls are awesome. They flirt and try to kiss you. Yes, they prove that kiss is just a little flirting. Nakaimo is such an awesome show. Konoe and Miyabi, ohhhhh. But for 3D girls, even a kiss is off-limits… How can that be…

That’s why I want this power. I want to attain this magic, this miraculous power through the Grail. Yes, skinship, that is the arche I’m searching as a magician! Ah, the recent catastrophic news of the marriages of the two prominent idol seiyuus, Sakamoto Maaya and Tanaka Rie, which left me totally devastated in the desert. But if I have this power, then only when they’re having sex, I can possess their husbands and attain the bliss that all the idol seiyuu fanboys out there are dreaming of who have desperately been writing to them, knowing that their fan letters will never reach but thrown into a dumpster.

Oh, we can even eradicate prostitution by this! Who needs a prostitute if you can sleep with any girl without paying a single dime? Just possess her lover, right? That will do it all. That is the real FREE SEX that even hippies in the 70s couldn’t attain! Especially precariat, men in poverty can never afford to be a john. So, the only choice left for us is just to be an unrepentant perorist licking the image of Azunyan on the LCD. But if we have this power, virginity doesn’t matter anymore. While you’re a virgin with your real body, you actually have dozens of experience with power of possession. No worries about STD too, your body remains chaste, stays healthy, still pure and clean, doesn’t get rejected when donating blood to Red Cross. So, a physical virgin, but a spiritual stud. And you no longer need to worry how ugly you are, having gone through countless rejections like me, who couldn’t experience any skinship at all in high school, the best time of youth! You don’t even need to abandon your own community like I did, abandoned Japan and moved to America.

Plus, my hatred towards ikemen would be gone, there’s no point holding a grudge against them if I have this power. All I need to do is borrow them for a while whenever I want to have skinship. I’d totally be a messenger of love! I’d be the embodiment of agape! See, this is the solution to all!


Dostoyevsky’s Demons was about people who were possessed with dangerous political ideologies. But today’s Demons is about soshokukei otakus who are going to possess riaju men. Yes, particularly kimo-ota (repulsive otaku), we are today’s demons in Dostoyevsky’s sense.

Cacodemonomania, (a mental condition when one believes him/herself to be possessed by evil spirits), yes, like Hazuki has. Yes, by love-hunger demons. Love-shyincel demons. But, it’d be best if he never finds out that I’m possessing him while he loses his consciousness during sex. Otherwise, if he becomes cacodemonomaniac, then he’ll start seeing an exorcist. I don’t want to be put in a pig’s body and jump off the cliff and drown in the lake by Christ. While Rokka’s deceased husband is definitely a demon, I’m not. I’m not an evil spirit at all. So, I’m a good spirit, totally free spirited, I mean I’m a “good person” since I’m not dead. I’m a law abiding citizen since there’s no law that bans spiritual possession. And I’m not stealing anything. I’m not committing NTR. It’s still his body. And I’m not damaging anything. Nobody gets hurt. It’s just borrowing her partner’s body only during love-making. Other than that, he’s free to do whatever he wants with his partner. I mean he spends time with her exclusively, and I’m just borrowing 1% of that. If he kisses her 100 times, then I’m just borrowing his body for only 1/100. What’s wrong with that? Can’t even share 1%? Sales tax in California is less than a tithe, so it’s far less than that. So, I’m even more merciful than either a merciful God or the government is. I’m not demanding the widow’s mite at all. So, other than 1%, I will definitely leave him in peace. So, let me borrow his body and have skinship with her. And that would be kimo-ota’s ultimate salvation!


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

2 thoughts on “Free Sex & Cacodemonomania: Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Kokoro Connect

  1. Haha, I’ve kinda been waiting for another article, since I kinda couldn’t relate to the previous one in which you talked about sexual objectification.
    I can certainly relate to this one, I think its a general problem in the Otaku society since we kinda become socially awkward thus making us not attractive for the opposite sex. In your case you even call yourself a kimo-ota, maybe because of constant rejection, but in my opinion looks are not the main problem as I’m not bad looking myself, and also I have many friends, Otaku friends, that also look, and act really normal but never get any skinship, NEVER.
    So all of us end up wishing for something like this. Superpowers that help us getting some actual skinship, but I don’t think that right.
    That’s why I love the world god only knows, maybe the only harem where I don’t end up hating the main character for being so lucky, as he really targets the girls and does everything to conquer their hearts, so I think we as Otaku shouldn’t just idolize our favorite characters but also learn from them. SO I’M GONNA GO OUT THERE AND GET SOME SKINSHIP!!!… if things were that easy ^^’, but still even though I’ve also experienced many rejections, I refuse to think that I can’t be an otaku and have some skinship from time to time.
    I don’t know what my main point was anymore so I’ll stop here, but again really inspirational article 😀

    1. @Franz,

      Thanks for the comment and kind words!

      Yeah, I can’t really relate to myself either for sexual objectification, since no girl has confessed to me that they have masturbated to me like Inaba did from Kokoro Connect.

      Yes, social awkwardness, or more of clumsiness, while clumsy girls (dojikko) are not a problem at all. Ah, why aren’t doji-guys attractive to girls? So unfair! And a gentle personality that soshokukei (meek) guys possess, especially sensitive nice men like us otakus, is supposed to be the superb trait of all! Evolution is too slow!

      I feel for you, comrade! We all went through the harshness of 3D girls! The World God Only Knows, that’s a great show! Same here, I don’t hold any grudge against Keima. Yup, once he conquers girls to collect the loose souls, they completely forget what happened. I played and conquered Love Plus, but seems not working on real girls… But it may work for you. Good luck with skinship! God speed!

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