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This week, Paper was great enough to remind me that there are links to round up. Are there any comments you may or may not have? Can you guess which links are mine, and which are the Paper’s?

Yet one more reason why Japan is awesome.

This is why Lauren and her blog are awesome.  I think the main issue lies in the price point. It might have fared better with a pay-what-you-like model. Regardless, it’s an interesting experiment/study into alternative sources of web revenue.

World Cosplay Summit!  With preliminary round at Katsucon in two weeks! Today is the last day to pre register. Speaking of which, Tom has a comprehensive breakdown on eats around the con.

That also reminds me. Cosplaynaut is always looking for photographers to cover conventions.

Fawkes is taking requests for anime songs. Submit as many as you like.

Otakon fever is picking up again… They announced two music guests in succession.  TMR and HMK! Even if you don’t happen to like them.  I (Linda) missed TMR at his NYCC concert a couple of years ago, never forgave myself for that. Did catch his Kinokuniya appearance though. HMK was Otakon’s musical guests Sunday concert two years ago, so you can imagine what they said in the concert of coming back, it came true sooner than anyone would have expected.

Japanese school lunch you may or may not have seen in anime, but it is definitely not just sushi or ramen that would make up a student’s diet. Yum… I wish American diet was like this!

I love any mention of other aspects of Japanese culture meshed into something I know. So consider Noh/Kabuki and what can be learned from this series of podcasts and an upcoming book.

How many people enjoyed Summer Wars the movie, how about the manga? Vertical got it! News found from Kuriosity.

Ask John‘s column is something I always read, since he brings up interesting topics about anime, and for this particular entry, an interesting question… are people who are into Pokemon, true otaku? Otaku in this meaning is not the introverted geek type, but meaning people who get into the other series of anime, and not just staying with one series across several adaptations.

Lastly for this week, there’s no official announcement as of yet. Officially a press release would be come out next month, but how many manhwa readers are there in Anime Diet? Gen Manga is going to be Gen Manhwa for the year of 2013, releasing doujin works by Korean creators. Don’t worry though, in the face of this change, Gen would still be Gen Manga, and release single volumes of ongoing Japanese manga.

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  1. Kyuushoku or school lunch, I remember…. It wasn’t this good as the picture. Ours were on metal plates like prison. After the war, all Japanese children were guaranteed school lunch by Gen. MacArthur. And that system has been kept until today. Kyuushoku is from 1st -9th grade because compulsory education is until middle school. And, most anime are high school, which would be gakushoku, or cafeteria, there you compete to get yakisoba bread, or simply bring obento and eat at the rooftop, or a girl who has a crush on you will bring you obento, or if you have a little sister… yes, romance starts from obento in high school, which I never experienced, no girl made me obento in high school. that’s why I became a runaway, came to 2D, became kimoi-otaku, i.e. kimo-ota!

    1. Hmmm… well it is not as icky as American school lunch This looks like a typical lunch I had growing up. I always thought that Japanese diet was waaaaayyy more healthier than American lunch. Yeah high school lunch was as a friend summed up for me.. Ranma Saotome jumping over everyone’s head for that yakisoba pan. Have you ever seen Kodomo no Omocha or Poro Poro, those show Elementary school lunch scenes. LOL… I have met this blogger who is a bento maker. She has a great blog about making obento boxes. Like I said if you ever come over to NYC, and if time is appropriate.. expect 義理チョコ.. lol. ^_^

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