Kimo-ota’s ode to Xmas Eve, featuring Megurine Luka


I dedicate this song to Inaba Himeko (cv: Sawashiro Miyuki), who entirely shocked my otaku world. Inaba Himeko is the heroine from Kokoro Connect, and the first time ever heard that a girl confessed to a guy, “I’ve made you my okazu. (I’ve masturbated to you).” As an otaku, it was the most shocking moment of the year 2012. Okazu is a sexual fantasy for masturbation, or any source like gravure model photos. Yes, sexual stimulant!

Here are the lyrics, and a rough translation below.



せめて聖体(おかず)に なってくれても
出会ったときから 欲しくてたまらない
お尻を触りたい 乳首もしゃぶりたい
うなじもペロペロ そしておへそも

うしろから 巨乳をもみもみ
極上の 柔らかさだね
最高の おもてなし
自殺願望も  吹っ飛んでしまうだろう

だから聖体(おかず)に なってくれても
どうしてもキミが 欲しくてたまらない
お尻も触りたい 太ももさすりたい
二の腕ぷにぷに そして僕のも・・・

真ん前から 貧乳をぺたぺた
極上の 平らたさだね
最上の おぼしめし
被害妄想も 吹っ飛んでしまうだろう

だから聖体(おかず)に なってくれても
どうしてもキミが 忘れられないんだ
かかとで踏んでよ 耳たぶ噛んでよ
乳首もつまんでよ どMな僕に

Oral Sex 浮気じゃないさ
大統領さえも そう言ってたし
セクハラに なんない程度に


眠れない 食べれない
触れない やるせない
希望も 壊れる
キモオタライフ くたびれた・・・

At least be my okazu…

At least why can’t you be my okazu?
Since I met you, I’ve been dying for you.
I want to touch your ass, and suck your nipples too
Pero pero your nape, and your navel too

From behind, momi momi your big tits
Ultimate softness
Best hospitality
Would blow away my suicidal thoughts

So why can’t you be my okazu?
I can’t help but am dying for you
I want to touch your ass, and stroke your thighs too
Puni puni your upper arms, and also my…

From the frontwards, peta peta your flat chest
Supreme flatness
Best kindness (it’s the heart that counts)
Would blow away my paranoia

So why can’t you be my okazu?
Simply I can never forget about you
Step on me with a heel, bite my earlobe
Pinch my nipple, for this over-masochist like myself

Oral Sex, no way a cheating
Even President said so
Not in a degree of sexual harassment
Just un poquito por favor

As I thought, didn’t work…OTL

Can’t sleep, can’t eat
Can’t touch, dejected
Hope crumbles too
This kimo-ota life, has worn me out…

Yes, that’s how I spend Xmas, all alone by myself, playing this song to Inaban (pert breast), drinking umeshu to Ume (flat chest).

Merry Xmas!

 “At Least Be My Okazu”sponsored by VocaLA

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe