This just in – Section 9 is suspected to be involved in Abe’s resignation.

From news –

Sept 15, Tokyo, Japan. Although the resignation of the former prime minister Shinzo Abe is no long news, but doubts, speculations and accusations have been traveling throughout the political realm and forums inside cyberspace in Japan and in the rest of the world as to the reason of his resignation two weeks after having to “redesign” his cabinet and a few days before his scheduled trip to the Diet announcing his reasons for why he should be allowed stay as prime minister.

The irony has not escaped our sources and upon deep investigation diving online and talking to high-level government officials, who wished to remain unnamed, at a certain “private gentleman’s club” , they discovered something perhaps not so shocking to the cyberspace literati.

It seems like Section 9 was at least partially, if not fully responsible for the undoing of Abe’s reign over the Parliament, especially after the full defeat of his party in upper house elections in July.

Public Security Section 9, under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has always been an organization shrouded in secrecy. On the surface it’s merely another bureaucratic governmental department working for the welfare of the common masses. But in the past, sources have indicated that they were involved in conspiracies, both domestic and foreign, in varying degrees.

In any case, it was indicated that Abe was apparently part of a scandal involving in a secret fetish club somewhere underground Tokyo – apparently it’s actually not inside Shinjuku – where only the ultra-wealthy and privileged Japanese men with great influence on the Japanese economy, politics, and even military are invited. Our sources were able to get into the club and meet the officials there.

More details are forthcoming. One of our best sources has send us this picture of the suspected members of Section 9. However the headquarter of Section 9 is still unknown.


We haven’t been able to get in contact with this source after we received the photo.

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