Viz taking a right step in digital distribution?

From ANN

Viz Offers Naruto Anime Downloads via Direct2Drive

Viz Media has announced that it started providing digital downloads of the Naruto ninja action anime series on IGN Entertainment’s Direct2Drive online store on November 15…

…The Direct2Drive store is restricted to United States residents and computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems…

Ray’s take: Well, you know we always get it first ahead of everyone else. We also invented the net, made sure PC and humans can communicate, and we started fansubbing. That being said, I don’t like Microsoft and I’m sure Viz will try to make their offerings available to different nations and different systems. But that’ll take time and people’s support by paying for the downloads. But this is a right step in the direction of digital distribution.

2 thoughts on “Viz taking a right step in digital distribution?

  1. And a good step in the right direction it is. Hopefully this will be a commercially successful endeavor for them and they’ll be able to expand this to offering other, newer series for download online.

  2. Remove the ridiculous Region 1/U.S.-only restrictions on a lot of D2D stuff, anime-related or otherwise, and it could actually *begin* to work.

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