Why can’t they have a robot duel to decide the president/prime minister, like what they used to do for Kings? XD

From ANN

Taiwanese Politician Campaigns on Mazinger Z Float 

A candidate for the Taiwanese legislature is campaigning from a custom-built float shaped as a giant Mazinger Z robot…His truck-converted Mazinger Z float carries Taiwanese flags in its “fists” and also plays theme songs from the Mazinger Z anime series. Just as in the anime, Liu’s float is “piloted” from the robot’s head, which doubles as the cockpit…

Ray’s take: Nah, that’s too old. Be a tiny more updated and play Kido Senshi Gundamu! KIDO SENSHI~GUNDAMU~GUNDAMU! Rocket punch? That doesn’t stack against beam sabers. Chest beam? Try beam rifle. Oh, and a Gundam is piloted by a New Type, beat that!

I’d vote for Amuro Ray…Actually, I’d rather vote for  Murrue Ramius (Mitsuishi Kotono) from Gundam Seed for president. About time we get a good looking woman running the real ship! The Nation of Otaku (at least the Diet 3) approves!

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Why can’t they have a robot duel to decide the president/prime minister, like what they used to do for Kings? XD

  1. I could see Ramius running a country, but Captain Bright’s Brightslap would be ideal for keeping cabinet ministers in line. So hard to choose . . .

    Since my country’s now supposed to have the Gurren Brigade’s emblem on its flag, perhaps Kamina would be a good candidate.

  2. NO!!!! Why is it only available in Japan???
    Great trailers…I just don’t get why this WASN’T made by some US developer in States. This makes me proud to be American!

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