Gundam 00 ep 07 – It’s boring watching these gods fighting normal soldiers


I wish I could like these 4 more. I really do.

If it weren’t for Sumeragi’s nice cleverage, I’d skip forward all the fighting sequences and just watch the politics (and I normally hate politics!)

GW’s fighting sequence were really cool, even though the GW Gundams were also slaughtering, but the impact and the sounds are simply awesome. The CB fighting sequences are sometimes so short and almost like place holders. And the worse part is –

The CB guys really piss me off. They’re like the 4 of the worse assholes that one has to deal with in school – distant asshole that talks to others like they’re crap, arrogant and overtly cocky asshole that plays football and cowboy games, goth asshole that talks abouts psycho babble all day, and girly-asshole with super grades who thinks everyone else is an idiot.

The GW 5 had likable guys like Duo and Quatro. Chang Wu Fei is kind of asshole but he can fight with his eyes closed, which is freakin’ cool (and he actually has a real ethnicity!!!) and Trowa is pretty easy going, and Heero Yui is funny when he said: “It hurts like hell.” But these CB guys…Goddamn they’re such assholes. It’s like their were made to make Japanese yaoi girls scream. Because a lot of Japanese yaoi lovers like assholes. Must be the culture, probably because most guys there are nice guys. So cocky assholes are special.

I really hate Tiere or however his name is spelled. He has to be the worse asshole of them all. Looking like a chick but acts like an enforcer. He gets the most powerful Gundam with the thickest armor. He must be so secure with his sexuality and can’t let go of that big gun. He loves it and wants to play with it all day.

Setsuna is actually the guy with the most balls that he comes out and confronts his old mentor.

You know, terrorists really love to make all of us believe that they love God or whoever more than all of us do. It’s funny as hell because no useful religion advertises slaughter. But they do.

It’s such a nice treat seeing one of these freaks becoming a mercenary living for money only. Good for him. At least he’s realistic.

I like the part where what terrorists do isn’t censored and glossed over. That’s what they do, folks. Slaughtering the innocent and calling it God’s will. Wonderful.

Setsuna’s going to have a field day dealing with Ali I hope. So he gets two potential arch enemies? I doubt it.

No one’s wearing a mask. No one.

I really hate it when the main characters have an super easy time dealing with just about any enemy. That makes me yawn. At least in Gundam Seed and Destiny every episode is intense and sometimes it seems like the main characters will lose, but they pull off a certain strategy and barely wins the day. That’s exciting.

Here, it’s not even a target practice. All the CB gundams do is fire, bang, thank you ma’am. Add some politics and contradictory results and reactions from the Earth nations, and we have episodes, folks. No need for plotting out strategies, just give the fangirls the yaoi boys; no need for real drama and tension, just give us men Sumeragi’s boobs.

Well, I didn’t mind the last part.

70% recommended. From this point on my opinions are going to be biased. They’ll have to do a lot better than that to impress this cynic.

P.S Compare with G SEED, Destiny, GW, and all the original Gundams, the characters in this one are just bland and fanservicy for either otaku men or otaku women. And they jump around from characters to characters too much.

Author: Ray

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4 thoughts on “Gundam 00 ep 07 – It’s boring watching these gods fighting normal soldiers

  1. Watched like 3 episodes so far, first one totally pissed me of with all the unrealistic dialogue bits and everyone repeating ‘**** being’ for no other reason than to say it out loud.

  2. This show makes me zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . I’ll fully admit to loving Seed and Wing and actually even liking the soap opera mess of Destiny. But 00 doesn’t do anything for me. The characters totally suck. It also takes itself so freaking seriously. Sunrise should have made Geass this season, at least it’s funny.

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