Remember TMNT? What is TMNT?

From ANN

BusinessWeek Profiles CG Astro Boy, Gatchaman’s Imagi
…BusinessWeek had profiled IMAGI Animation Studios, the Hong Kong computer animation company that is producing movie adaptations of Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy manga and Tatsunoko Production’s Gatchaman anime series. Both are planned for international releases in 2009 by Warner Bros. and the Weinstein Co. The article discusses the outlook of this new company, in light of the strong box office and mixed critical response of its only movie so far, TMNT…

Ray’s take: What, TMNT? That wasn’t an anime, was it? Shredder was too wimpy and there wasn’t enough blood, gore, explosion, and all that! BORING! BORING! Astro Boy? Too old fashion for today’s age. Gatchaman? Funny people in funny customs fighting shaved excuse of failures of evil gangs. Phooey…They’ve already run out of original ideas, eh?

Author: Ray

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  1. george – please, read the entire news at ANN. I’m having a distaste thinking that the company that made TMNT movies is making Astro Boy and Gatchaman.
    MegaVolt – dude, loved his costume but he got his ass kicked too easily! I think even in the movie! XD

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